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simply beautiful & instantly bookmarked for future projects

simple and nice :) GLWS

That’s what I was going for :)

Pre-Sales question, can you adjust the position of the button? I would like to place it on the top of the page if possible.

Absolutely. It’s just a simple change in the css file. Shoot me an email through the contact form on my profile after you’ve made the purchase and I’ll tell you exactly what to change :)

Awesome Awesome Awesome! Already got several of your WP plugins and this is about to join the list

Gotta love repeat customers :)

Looks interesting.


Appreciated :)

Is the content within the canvas loaded upon page load or upon clicking and bringing up the canvas?

Upon page load.

very useful and great style ! Good job :)

Just what I needed. Real time saver. One thing – be good if ESC closed the panel too. Before I start hacking things, have a quick fix for this?

Shout out from New Orleans

Cool. Kind of simple really. I just have so much other stuff on my plate. However, I couldn’t resist hack-a-doodling your code some to do a few things like swap out text (i.e. Open Me/Close Me) and run additional jQuery tricks with Onclick events and state changes.

I’m kind of trippin’ on the whole make a website act like an app thing.

I’ll send you my tweaks to look at when I finish. I’ve been around the block a few times. I’m an old head at all this.

Your code and CSS was nice and clean. I liked that. :)

Later gator!

Mark in New Orleans

Yup, just took a moment and got it running. Working great. Shoot me an email if you want it over the weekend. Otherwise I’ll release it as an update for both this version and the WordPress plugin early next week.

A quick update if anyone else is interested as well: the ESC button update is now live.

Multiple Canvas elements on the same page?

Is it supported to have multiple canvas elements open unique content blocks, or is this something I’ll have to look at adding to the script?

Hi there. Canvas is a single slide per page.

Following up the last question – just for clarification: is it possible to have several hidden slides on a onepage site, for example? …or is it limited to one hidden div per site? Thank in advance. So far it looks like everything I was looking for ;)

Hey there. It’s one slide, site-wide.

Thanks a lot for your reply! Would you see any chance to adding this feature? (Multiple slides, per site)

Sure, but it would be done as a customization. Shoot me an email if that’s something you’d like to pursue.

Excellent script.

However can we trigger it to open it automatically on an event ?

Thanks :)

Not by default. But customizations are always an option. Send me an email though the contact form on my profile with more details if interested.


Hi, Can you support me add multiple slides, per site. I need this feature too. Thanks

Hey there. You can do that now. Just give the canvas slide different content on the page where you want it to be different.

If you mean you’d like more than one canvas slide per page though, then send me an email through the contact form on my profile and let’s talk. Cheers.


Some pre-sale question:

1. Can I use the script with multiple instances in different web pages as each instance activates by a different link and the slider shows different information regarding this?

2. Can I use the script to easily populate the slide with dynamically generated data?

As for example if is link1 (in the corner) then content1 loads in the slider, if link2 – then content 2 loads in the slider?


Hi there. Canvas is really meant to be single-instance and site-wide.


Hi. Can you give me an example-Code to place the Widget on the bottom left corner? (instead of the bottom right corner)

To be clear, the button isn’t a widget (a widget is something else in WordPress terminology). If you mean the button though, then look at ”.bonfire-slideout-button {” and ”.bonfire-slideout-button-triangle-background {” in canvas.css (essentially change the ‘rights’ to ‘lefts’)

If you want me to do it for you as a customization, shoot me an email through the contact form.


ok. i try it. If it dosn’t work i will send you an mail

Hi, nice work…i need to insert the action for open the overlay in a button not on the bottom side of the screen, how can i do this? Thanks

Check th documentation. You can add a certain class to anything. Cheers.

Hi. Can you support multiple canvas elements per/site. I hope you can support it.

Hi there. Canvas is single-instance and site-wide. I’ve been looking at how to expand it to multiple slides but it may have to be a separate plugin. No plans to develop or release such a plugin at the moment though.

Hi, this is a pre-sales question. Would it be relatively simple to use this plug-in to enlarge content within a on a sidebar to full-screen? Or does the content have to be hidden? Also, would I be able to CSS style the button to be within that content to be enlarged or do buttons have to be in the corner of the screen?

The button is placed in one of 4 corners. And Canvas can’t be partially visible; it’s off the screen and then when activated, covers the entire screen. Cheers.

Thanks for clarifying.

Hi Bonfire Themes!

Thanks for designing such a simple yet effective plugin! I have bought a few of your plugins such as PageLoader and TapTap and they are absolutely great! I have also been using Canvas on my personal website and I love it. Though I have one question – can Canvas have fade in animation when activated in addition to what it already has like sliding from top, right, bottom and left? Just like it possible with TapTap – it just fades in. Thanks, Timur

Hi there, glad you like my items :)

You are correct, Canvas has the four slide-in directions. No fade. At this time it’s not planned either.