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Hello, do you know how can I put into my design using (node.js) ?

Yeah, that should be pretty easy as you just need to add the link to the included CSS file inside your page’s <head> tag as you would with any other stylesheet.

If you wish to compile it using less, just add below import statements to your less file:

@import “candystrap/less/variables.less”;

@import “candystrap/less/mixins.less”;

@import “candystrap/less/bootstrap.less”;

@import “candystrap/less/extensions.less”; // Optional

Then it should compile.

I’m glad to finally find a Bootstrap skin that is exactly the look and feel I was seaching for. Thanks, can’t wait to use it! :)

:-) Glad you also liked it. Don’t forget to rate it you have time.


When i try to do gulp build—production i get this error and the build stops.

'css' errored after 37 ms Error: Cannot find module './locals.json'

How to fix this problem.

Have tried to run just the css. But same error. after som thinkering and reading about gulp. The locals.json is missing, so you can’t gulp css, html and js script.

So the downloaded file is not complete. It is missing the locals.json file from the 1.1.0 version files atleast. Don’t know if it’s in the first release.

The gulpfile here should do the job for you.

Just recreated the locals.json file with. { "name": "", "description": "", "version": "", "link": "", "license": "", "author": { "name": "", "email": "" } }

FYI, your demo subdomain is down.

Thanks for notifying. I mistakenly removed the DNS entry.


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Hey man. It’s done again :(


you demo site is down.


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