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Nope, it is made with Game Maker engine.

Do you plan to make this kind of game with C2?

Currently we don’t have any similar game on Construct, but we may make one in future,but not sure about time.

Great idea! Glws :)

Thank you! :)

Demo not working.

Sorry for it. We have fixed it.

Demo is dead.

Sorry for it. We have fixed it.

Demo not working. Black page!

Sorry for it. We have fixed it.

Please fix demo. But you send the .gmx project if buy, correct?

Sorry for it. We have fixed it.

Unfortunately our Game Maker project files aren’t free and you have to purchase them separately. If it was made with Construct 2, we would have given the project file to you for free.

No sorry .. i did not understand. The original game is in Game Maker, that you not send if i buy … but if i buy, you send same game project but made in Construct2??

You got the part about Game Maker right (that you won’t receive it via the package from codecanyon and have to purchase it separately from us).

The part about Construct meant that if it was made with Construct, we would have given the project for free, because our Construct 2 project files are all free. But unfortunately we don’t have a similar game in made in Construct 2 yet.

How Can I make level for this application. I need more level and it will work with android. THanks


For adding new levels, you need to have its Game Maker project file. Unfortunately our Game Maker project files aren’t free and you have to purchase them separately. If it was made with Construct 2, we would have given the project file to you for free.

Where are the Game Maker project files for sale? Do you have a URL for that?


We have a list of our Game Maker projects and their price that we can email you. And we will also email you the project file when you purchase it from us.

I don’t understand what are project files and why should I buy it separately? And why you give it for free if code is made with Construct?


The project files are needed only when you want to edit the game’s mechanism and features yourself. For changing sound and appearance and other simple things, you don’t need the project file. Also note that for using the project files, you need to have the related engine (which in some cases isn’t free and have to purchase its license first) and also know how to work with that engine. If our customers want some changes that they can’t do for themselves, we will try to apply them for a low price or even free (if they are simple). So you don’t need the project file unless you want to edit the game’s features yourself.

And about why Construct 2 projects are free, I should say that there are two reasons. One is the different policy that our Construct and Game Maker programmers have (we have two different teams for these engines). And the other reason is that the normal version of Construct engine is also free and so many use it, so we give the codes for free. But Game Maker is a more complicated engine and you must purchase its license in order to work with it. And so we charge for its codes too.

Thank you for your detailed answer!

We want you make game with construc2. :)

We will try to do so! :)

Yes I agree with you. I desperately need bubble shooter and real match 3 game made in Construct 2. I bet you’ll have a lot of buyers!

Well, currently we are working on other things, but we will consider this when we have some free time!

we can add admob for making ios and android version

Hi! Can I add “points” text after the points number? And can I change candy images in the .js file?


Images, texts and sounds can be easily changed in our games. if you faced any issues in editing them, we will help you.

Hi, I edited the game, put it on my website, but then I have no audio… www.djbuzz.com/myfeat/index2.html

Thx Eric

Hi there,

I have answered your email.

I thought the .gmx file was included with this game, but when I opened the zip file I had a bad surprise, you should fix your description with “No Game Maker source code included” instead of made with GMS… However, now that I wasted my money, I did not need any html5 game, is there any way to buy the gmx source at a fear price? Thanx


anyway I thought Codecanyon was a place where to buy code, not compiled games… I’m not happy with that. You should state source code not included in the headline. Is there any way to get refunded? thanks

Well, sorry about that, but it is written in features that appearance is customizable. Anyway, for refunds, you should contact Envato.


Is this game easily customizable ? I need a 15×10 grid, and I don’t want any new blocks to fill the puzzle when blocks disappear. Note that I do have advanced HTML/JS/CSS skills. Does it sound possible ?

Thanks for your help.

Hi there,

This game is made with a game engine and so it is very difficult to edit it’s codes manually. You can only edit it if you have the game’s project file, Game Maker Studio’s license and of course know how to work with it.

Hi, i bought the game but there is no html5game folder to edit the games images as per instructions. Please advise how to change appearance. Thanks G

Hi there and thank you for your purchase,

Sorry about that issue. In different versions of the game made with different versions of GameMaker engine, folders’ names may vary. But anyway, the assets are either located in html5game or SAM folder (which ever that exist).

I am sorry I made a mistake and was looking at the wrong thing. I have the SAM directory and yes the images are there, thank you. Great game and great support .. thanks heaps.

Glad to hear that your issue is solved! If you faced any other issues, feel free to ask.

How can remove pause button?

Hi there and really rally sorry for the delay, I forgot about your comment!

In line 363, find this: pName: “btn_pause”, spriteIndex: 3,

And change the value of 3 to -4 so it looks like this: pName: “btn_pause”, spriteIndex: -4,

This should do what you want.