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Endless game dont have levels! depend of your score to unlock the diferents “stages”

Tommorrow I upload the demo apk ;)

and what about png problem ??

You dont buy the game what png problem?

If you mean the problem of older buildbox versions (2.0) The libpng libraries are updated because the project it exported on buildbox 2.2.6 with correct that issue


apk demo plzz

Google sign in error because Is not uploaded to google play store


heyy please can you give me your email i want show you some problems in eclipse

yes, dawayoapps@gmail.com

I prepared a new video documentation, I send you via email

thanks so much

Hey bro I want to ask you please. Does the game work properly with android studio?

not work great, The effects have avoid problems, on Eclipse works fine ;)

1) Can I translate into Spanish easily? 2) Is enabled for admob interstitial?

3) Can I edit the admob using eclipse? Or do I need to buildbox?


Si, puedes traducirlo a español y en la proxima actualizacion vendrá con admobs integrado. Si lo compras antes de que se suba la actualizacion te puedo mandar el proyecto por correo.


i am not familiar with buildbox so how to import the project with android studio ?


when you buy the game, in the documentation, you have all the information.


so the source code not work’sin android studio ?

I can not guarantee that it works 100% in Android studio, in eclipse it works 100% to build the app (keep in mind that you only need the IDE to build the app you can do the reskin or change the images with any photo editor like photoshop ).