Discussion on Candy blast Match 3 Unity

Discussion on Candy blast Match 3 Unity

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When updating to Unity 2021.3.12 and building the .apk and running it on the device, no levels are found and world1, world2, world3 are locked. Everything works well in Unity.

Fix it and update.

When building apk ofcourse world locked, we must win to unlock next level… We can unlocked the script to tested, or play using unity player. Sorry i can’t help direct using laptop, couse my laptop still trouble….

Candy blast Match 3 Unity your game now playing

Hi FliksNow… The source code can play using unity version like in description. But you can update using unity newest

will be new update, your last update is last 3 years

Hi zahid78611 what update that you want?

Please can you add a withdrawal feature, where my players can convert their coins into real money and request for withdrawal send me a mail and a quote let’s talk about price

Hi thank you for your interest, withdraw feature Will add so on

are you saying that you have that feature already in the app or you will be adding it very soon

For this time there is no feature. But I Will add for the next project insya Allah….

google ads not working

Hi fictionapps, I have tested and no problem with the ads. Please check the instruction. And check your pub id.

You can offer the source on xcode?

threre is not tested, but you can migrate to xcode… maybe this is can help you…

Great work Good luck with sales!

hi, thank you subdev


if you help me after purchase your game app to accept it in facebook instantly games & Google Play. I will order it with extended license same day you give me the guarantee .

Hi, what you mean about facebook instantly games. Do you mean upload in the facebook games?. To upload in playstore you must register to be developers. And pay 25$ to google play using credit card…

instant-games facebook

I am not tested this source code to export fb instantly games. But unity support to export facebook games…

Hi it’s a nice game and do you have any plan to implement in-app purchases for using extra features? If yes I’m ready to pay extra..

1.What’s the criteria to pass a level, points?

Hi popzkg, we are in focus to genre adventure this time, so we cannot add in-app purchase so on…

For the criteria pass level, you can check demo apk in the descriptions. Thank you for your interest..

Need working demo APK

please read carefully in the descriptions

so many error, what is your email?

read the tutorial carefully, there is my email in the tutorial…

Hi. Need the apk. The link is not working

hi, give me your email.


I need more information about this game before buying it!

Contact me please


Hello! Does it possible to add more levels to the game?

How can I contact you?

source code has not been developed to increase the level… but the future will continue to be improved to make it easier to reskin

this code is jewels star match in unity i will report you now :-) shame on you

i called them. they appear only once, at the next level there is no show

if you want to call by your self, change : GoogleMobileAdsScript.advertise.ShowNative to GoogleMobileAdsScript.advertise.ShowInterstitial ();

Why do not interstitials work? Only the banner and native work.

i called them. they appear only once, at the next level there is no show

need at 1 or at each level

if you want to call by your self, change : GoogleMobileAdsScript.advertise.ShowNative to GoogleMobileAdsScript.advertise.ShowInterstitial ();

I got this error in unity

Assets/Jewels Star Match 3 Completed/Scripts/CellScript.cs(103,45): error CS1501: No overload for method `LoadAssetAtPath’ takes `1’ arguments

can you help me to fix it?

contact me using your email, I will give you the update of admob

Hi. I was bussy for a while. I just set up the fixed package you give me but admob is still not working. I also want to know if i can use admob reward. Ads because I see them in the code.

admob reward not implemented, we just setting for admob banner and interstitial… contact my email i will give you fixed banner and interstitial…

Will you provide android studio source code ?

this game only support unity, you can download it from unity officials

enzodine, I want to buy your game. But I want to know if you can: Add admob banner at the bottom? And remove all the icy blocks from the candys?

For an extra fee. Email:

the admob banner was implemented very well in the bottom. the icy blocks can remove from the candys, but need several time to do that, by the way thank you for your interest

Great support service from Enzodine. Everyone must buy from him

Thank You Base64Deals, We Hope You Success using this SC


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