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How are the rates calculated? Does it use the dimensions and weight from the product info?

Yes absolutely the plugin use them so you must be sure to add them to all your products!


I only get 1 option using this plugin.

No matter where address is from

Canada Post Expedited Parcel: $18

Hi, do you have selected all the shipping options you want in the shipping settings?


Brutal Support. Want my 14 bucks back!

Can Help me out SYN???

Will it work on a $USD Store?

If you set the origin postal code to Canada then yes it will work.

When set to “weight”, I get quotes, but there are far to many xml sends and receives in debug (fetching quotes 10 to 17 times?), and the quotes are too high because the weight is always 30.

When set to “pack items individually”, I get “no packages returned” in debug.

I tried contacting Support through the CodeCanyon Contact form 6 days ago, but no reply. I tried info@synmedia.ca 3 days ago. No Reply.

Has anyone who purchased this plugin been able to get it to work successfully?

I also have the problem that it gives the same rate regardless of where in Canada you ship an item (it does calculate different rate based on quantity, but not on destination).

Also, the dimensions passed to Canada Post (with debug on) are not what have been entered, they are just plain weird.

Would like to know what’s up here.

Just double checked my catalog settings and somehow they got changed to inches & lbs, so they are now cm & kg. But this has zero effect on the shipping rate. Very strange. Help?

Hello, our company is presently housing 400+ clients in house at our company, and we are wanting to unveil our new store. Our clients have come from all around the world. We are using the canada post shipping plugin (purchased through woo-commerce) and paypal as our gateway. Everything seemed to be working fine, so I’ve enabled “Production Mode” from the Canada Post shipping, and when I do the prices go way up in shipping! The pricing that goes way up is totally incorrect. I would like to send you the login details, how may I reach you?


I may sound silly but will this plugin work if the base currency is USD.


A pre-sales question.

Does this plug in use the product dimensions and weight to calculate a price?

Can l create a custom box/boxes?

Can l add a handling fee?

How do l receive Support? Is this product supported by the developer?

Well l can definitely recommend http://extensionworks.com they answered my request for information within a couple of hours. Their WooCommerce Canada Post extension works straight out of the box and i am happy. Those guys rock :)

Does this plugin support generating postal labels from the “My Orders” tab on the Canada Post “Business Shop” website?

Is this plugin still supported? I have pre-sales questions.


1) Does this plugin shows Canada Post rating at the check out? 2) Does this plugin send an email to the customer after purchase with the tracking number? 3) Does this plugin integrates woocommerce with canada post? For venture one or with a contract number Thank you very much

Is this plugin updated and good to go for 4.5?

Hello, I need to split my order into packages. Does this plugin support this function? Ie manipulating shipping classes? Thank you.

Nice work mate


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How can i translate the shipping methods’ name to french ?


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Do you have an answer ?