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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thanks :) See you around!

Hello Pobe,

very interesting from the screenshots! To clarify my understanding, here are questions I have:

  • can the steps link to any published page/post containing
  • will the pages populate if the shortcode is placed within a column or row, and populate the pages within that column or row as an iframe?

And 2 feature suggestions:

  • option to add text font (e.g. Font Awesome) to the step titles
  • a Visual Composer add-on to insert any other element within (for example, to be used to display content instead of page/post?

Thank You in advance!

Hi Michel,

- Yes it can, you choose whether you want the step to link to a page, a post or a custom post type by using its ID

- Yes as long as the bar fit in, depending on the number of steps. As a matter of fact, by letting the ‘Step to come’ and ‘Step done’ options empty you can squeeze in the progress bar by only showing numbers.

Thank you for your suggestion, it is a good idea. As for the time being you can easily change the font by using CSS on ’.progressbar-wrap’.

As for you second suggestion, I’m not quite sure what you are looking for.

Thank you!

Hi Pobe,

thank you for the response, and additional information! Je n’ai pas réalisé que vous êtes à Montréal :) How will the steps be handled with a page that may comprise of a form – will it carry forth and back that data?

To clarify my second suggestion, I was thinking if there was an additional option or separate add-on to use alongside Visual Composer and display Visual Composer elements within the steps as opposed to linking to pages, post, or custom post types (e.g. Step 1 would show a progress bars, Step 2 would show content box, and Step 3 would show an image) – does that help clarify?

Salut :)

Well, since it’s a progress bar and not a survey system it’s made for helping customer go forward by means of indications. A survey process handling data would require to know what is the data which is out of scope. In any case, Can Progress Bar will fit easily with a survey saving process. As an example, WooCommerce is already keeping the data back and forth.

By being flexible, if Step 2 has to be a content box and not a step, just create step 2 on admin side and skip it’s shortcode. After that, on step 3 just use [canpb … step=”3”] as usual.

I hope it’s clear, give it a try and I’ll give you support for it if any specific situation appears! Thank you.

1. I would like to see a DEMO admin panel 2. support RTL ? 3. can it be below menus? 4. can I select who can see this? preferred to guests / members 5. IF its guests do this: step 1 / 2 / 3 6 IF its member do this: step 1 / 2 / 3

You are totally right gigasb1 and this would be a nice feature to have on the next version. You’ll be contacted when it will be done.

Contact me at :, when done I will give you the RTL version for free in exchange of you telling me if it works since I don’t have the right environment for RTL. If that’s a good deal for you.

sounds good, you have been contacted.

Just purchased and the plugin makes my the icons in my header move left about 200px or so. Weird. When disabled they go back to normal.

Well thank you good sir :). I will try my best to solve this issue. Please tell me more, which theme are you using? Did you do the CSS? It is certainly a style issue.

As for progress bar it uses responsive settings. If you are the one responsible for styling your website it is real easy to fix.

I’ll be waiting for your details, in the mean time, I’ll try some styling to make sure it doesn’t push any element on top of it. In any case we’ll fix that.

Thank you.

Contact me : . Without knowing more, I think I know what happened, I’ll send you a new release.

Ok, I’ll write you now.


This would be great to have such a step process for any type of content. In my particular case, i’d need to show clients the steps to put an seo strategy in place like 1 we audit, 2 we define your stratégy and keywords and bla bla bla…

There’s actually only one step process plugin at condecanyon and it’s a real plague to configure, not intuitive at all so this would be great the kind of plug you propose could handle this. This would require the tabs to be clickable so they can display the wanted information/content.



That’s why Can Progress Bar as been develop, real easy to configure and pin point on what you need. Give it a try.

i have installed and activated this plugin but am unable to find it in wordpress and configure it… no additional tab was created after the install and it is not in the settings menu either.

awesome! thanks for getting this fixed i will give it another try after it is updated.

the plugin conflicted with another i had installed now i can see the menu and can configure the progress bar but when i post in on a page nothing shows up… could you please help

Yes. Send me access to your website and I will fix it. Conflicting plugging happens all the time and it’s usually easy to fix. As it is, I really want to help you fix your problem ASAP.

This plugin isn’t working for me! Damn.

Basically whichever page I place it in just appears completely ruined when I view it. The wordpress admin bar dissapears, the header shows but all other content is just blank (and no sign of the progress bar whatsoever). No idea what could be causing this – I deactivated other plugins but still the same.

If it’s my theme then I can’t do much about that.

Any ideas that won’t take a day and pulling out all my hair? Otherwise I might just have to get a refund?

you can contact me in private at if you don’t want people to see your website.

Hi Pobe, thanks for your response. My website is still in dev environment so can’t send you the link yet. Yes it’s responsive.

I agree it must be a styling problem but can’t see what’s going wrong. I might try to make a new page template with 100% width widget area at the top and put the bar inside the widget. Do you think this could work or will I need to do something special to make the shortcode work in the widget (a bit beyond my knowledge)?

Oh… but then I’ll need to make a separate template for each level of progress and also with WooCommerce this gets a bit tricky. Hmm.

Will report back as I progress and if nothing works I might just go live without it and then give you the link to troubleshoot.

Thanks, Sonja

I uploaded a new version, it might help you styling your website more easily. Anyway don’t hesitate to contact me if there’s any problem!

Does this plugin work with GRavity forms multi page forms?

Hi, this plugin style doesn’t look anything like the demo. Using enfold theme. Please check at

Thanks for any help.


the plugin looks great I would love to use it with a german eCommerce site (Woocommerce).

The text is customizable I guess, but is it mobile responsive or at least does it disappear on mobile?

Hey Author, I just bought your plugin, installed it, but it seems to be broken. I spent a few minutes to see if I could modify the layout with some CSS, but it seems to be over my head.

Here is the plugin (broken) on my site.

Think you know what is wrong?

hello, this plugin is still supported ? I see Last Update 8 February 15 ? :(

Hi, could be possible to use this plugin with product attributes? I mean that the step of progress bar should be the selection of product attributes? Thanks

Can I render my Can Progress Bar via my (page.php) template? :)

Solved by using the standard WP function do_shortcode() in my template. It looks like this:

$strShortCode = “[canpb id=\”19695\” step=\”$intStep\”]”; echo do_shortcode($strShortCode);

Even added some logic around it.

Hi, do you have a demo site for this as the demo page on this site does not work. Also, is each step clickable as a link?

Hi, I have now purchased this plugin, but the links do not work properly.

Please help,


Hi any update on this?