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Hi, glad to be the first buyer of this game. It’s a very good one. But can you please check if it’s a bug to fix as there is no sound/music when playing in iphone. Looking forward to your response on this.

Many thanks for keeping trying! Great attitude which always ensure highest quality! And I’m glad to tell you that, it now works! Can you please update the downloading package here at CC and also will appreciate it if you can let me know which files you have changed? I sometimes run into this issue with few other games and just wanted to gain more knowledge on this and hopefully your solution can help solve sound issues with a couple of other games as well!

Great! I updated the files, Envato should approve the update in a few hours. I added .m4a sound files. I changed the sounds to play for at least 1 second and I optimized the game, so it uses less memory (from 47 to 37 MB). Apparently one of these changes fixed it. Thanks for assist! :)


Presale question – Can I change the image (ex: folder with .png?) also can I change the title or I need construct2? Thank you :)

Hi jf, yes you can easily replace images without Construct 2 (eatable food must be replaced by eatable food). If you want to edit the text or functionality in the game, you will need licensed C2.

Hi are you using webstorage or local storage to keep score?

Hi, its using local storage.

hi, how can i make this game runs offline?

Hello, you can export the game to NW.js in Construct 2.

hi, can you please export it like this? thank you in advance, if it works i will get a licence for that software

No problem, send me email via my profile.

Hi …love your work..

I want to add my background picture , I notice that window size is 560 X 920

How can I add my background so it doesn’t go to the left of the screen when I preview. I want it to be in the window size.

I tried to copy what you did, to use to pin option and use the position option, but still cant get it to work

Another Question:

Do I need the responsive design if I am just going to just export for APK for the google play store? I am thinking if I disable this then I get the background picture to position properly

Hi what font was used for the game over text ?

Hi, it’s Devise Regular.


hi, how can i edit the food picture and make this game runs offline?

Hi, if you want to change the picture, go to game directory/images and change any picture. If you want to run game offline, you have to use Construct 2 and export the game to nodeJS.

ok Done, now how to convert it to apk?

How can I remove the music from the track ?