Can I eat it?

Can I eat it?

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About game

Can I eat it? is a fun game for kids and grown ups, too. Your task is to decide what to eat and what not. The game is over when you don´t allow to the girl eat what she can eat or when you let her eat what she shouldn´t eat.


  • Made in Construct 2 – No plugins required!
  • Approx. Game size: 3 mb // Memory use: 47 mb
  • Responsive Game Design
  • Compatible with most internet browsers
  • What is included: Graphic (single item in .PNG format), Music, Construct 2 .CAPX file.
  • Ready for Android export – Preview in google Play – (link)

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    Can you adjust the game according to my requirements?
  • Unfortunatelly no. I´m currently busy creating new games. But I believe you´ll find many other great developers that will help you.
    Can I export the game to Android (.apk)?
  • Sure. But the package doesn´t include a tutorial about how to do it and I can´t assure you of the full compatibility with the mobile devices. However, Construct 2 supports export of the game to .apk using third parties.

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