Discussion on CamFun | iOS Universal Social Photo App Template (Swift)

Discussion on CamFun | iOS Universal Social Photo App Template (Swift)

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Do You have iOS Wallpapers or Quotes app ?

CamFun app is now update ! ;)

Can you please provide Android sample?

Yes , contact me via my profile page ;)

Android sample available?

Good luck with your sales

Hi, Admob ad status has suspended because of the ad being located too close to the button navigation. Can this be easily relocated so it doesnt violate the rules? Issue from Admob “Layout Encourages Accidental Clicks – Unexpected Launch Interstitials”

Hi, please guide me about this

Then enter Storyboard, copy the last button in the CropImageVC controller, paste it on there and move it on the right side of the last button. Assign your new b8 image as its Background Image, connect your new button to the @IBOutlet var bkgButtons:[UIButton]! instance and you’re done. If you’ll run the app you’ll see your new button and be able to assign its background image on tap.

Please help me with a video so that I can follow!! I added some images but don’t know what to do next!

Hi cadic

okay sure. Let us check it and will help you on it.

Regards CubyCode

Do you have any update for this?


yes, we have checked on it and made a video for you. I have attached that video in your ticket. Please check there.

Thank you

Regards CubyCode

I saw CamFun screenshots and bought CamFun, But its different than original. I got CamFun code which have showing only three button in “Share Yours Picture” instead of eight buttons. Please provide me original code as you displayed in screenshots and youtube video.

Sure, we can help you – please open a ticket on ;)

Does the collage feature create one composite image from multiple images???

then i would suggest you to get PikLab, it doesn’t have a backend and it has a nicer UI

Awesome! I appreciate your help. BTW: If anybody reads this thread at a later date, PikLab and CamFun are both created by the same author cubycode. Both are great pieces of code.

thanks for your feedback ;)

Can i add intertitial admob ads on it,

Do you mean that Apple reviewers rejected your app on submission of an update? That crash log doesn’t help at all, what’s their message? you may contact me through my profile’s contact form and send me its message from the Resolution Center.
I’ve tested your app and it works smoothly.

Yes when i made update they rejected. Im waiting for thier reply. When they reply to me will contact you. Thanks

ok but you should still test your app again to see if it crashes and so get a console message to identify the issue :)

Any chance that you’ll do an Android version of this, as you have done with your other apps?

once i’ll get more experienced with photo filtering system on Android, I may build an Android version of this app ;)

Excellent – I look forward to it. Will follow you on Twitter :)


this app have “tap to focus” or Undo action?

Exactly I’m using Pro Shot app, this app missing some function i need (Save HD Photo, Tap to Focus, Auto focus, Undo Action in Editor, Modify Filter Bar,...). Hope you will add some function in the next update. Thanks :)

then why have you sent a comment on CamFun? :)
Anyway this app template has already a lot of great features, thanks for your suggestions.

Because I’m thinking about buying CamFun.


Is it supports Xcode 8.1 & iOS 10

Need Code without ads & Inapppurchse Can you provide?

yes, same thing as the comment we sent you for Polaroyd ;)

Hi, does this app have more features than PikLab app? Which one should I purchase?

Hi, this app doesn’t have collages like PikLab, but it has a Wall Of Fame feature with Parse SDK. Check out its video preview and the PikLab’s one and you’ll be able to make a decision.

Hi, A user can like an image in the wall of fame multiple times (unlimited). Is it possible to ensure they only get 1 like per image?

thanks, we appreciate your feedback :)

Thats very very FAST. Update is their :))))

yep, we work hard ;)

Hi there, I noticed that Instagram now requires new app approval for any app that access the platform. Can you please check which approval this app will need, as I am worried that my live app will be placed into Sandbox mode if I don’t go through the extra approval process now required by Instagram. More here:

Hi, this app just passes a picture to Instagram, no need to use its API, you just have to install Instagram in your device. It works.

Cool, thanks.

You’re welcome! don’t forget to rate it on your Downloads page ;)

Hi- is there a functionality where the image must be approved by an admin before posted on the wall of fame?

Hi, no there’s not, users are free to post their images, like a normal social network. Cheers!

Nice app! 1- Do you have it on both versions andriod and ios? I want buy both.

2- pls, can you add some custom feature to the game application, Of course I can pay you more?

Hi, we’re only iOS developers. For customization requests please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap

Hi, please give us more details, we cannot address your issue otherwise: when do you get that log message? Does the app crash?

Hi, I am interested to purchase this one. Any Appstore link of this app ? Which ad networks integrated on this? Is it optimized for Xcode 7.1.1 and iOS 9 ?

Hi, sorry we don’t have links to the reskinned versions of this app by our clients. iad and AdMob banners, and it’s ok for xcode 7.x and latest iOS 9 version

Hi, I bought your app, can you send me the Camfun app on xcode 6 project? Because I’m running on xcode 6. My email: Thanks

Hi, we’re sorry, we’ve updated all our apps and don’t have older versions than XCode 7. Anyway we suggest you to update XCode too. Cheers!


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