CameraCRETE - Responsive Image Slider for Concrete5

CameraCRETE - Responsive Image Slider for Concrete5

CameraCRETE is a sleek, modern, responsive image slider with a lot of options! 


  • Choose File Set
  • Customize order with drag ‘n drop
  • Responsive
  • Display thumbnails
  • Over 2 Dozen Transition Effects
  • Easing effects
  • Over 30 skin colors
  • Options for Mobile Devices
  • Display Image Title as caption
  • Auto-play slideshow (or not) 
  • Next / Previous navigation
  • Play / Pause Button
  • Auto-crop images to fit within slider, or not

Thumbnail & Pagination Options

  • Display thumbnail previews when user hovers over pagination (circles under slider)
  • Pagination only (no thumbnails)
  • Thumbnail preview bar under slider
  • No thumbnails
  • No pagination
  • Specifiy Thumbnail Size

Mobile Options

Optionally, you can specify some options which will only be applied to mobile devices. 

Animation Options

  • Transition Effects (over 2 dozen!)
  • Easing Effects
  • Customize Slide Duration (milliseconds)
  • Customize Transistion Speed (milliseconds)

Design & Layout Options

  • Loader: Pie, Bar, or None
  • Specify alignment of images within slider
  • Specify height of slider, in relation to the width
  • Customize Pie and Bar loader position, size, and direction

NOTE: Requires Concrete 5.7.4!