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Nice work…

this is using external library/service?

Thank you No external libraries used

i like this, but these filters seem very generic. Can we get more like what is used for Instagram app? Or something closer to them?

Hi, The implementation of the current filters took us a lot of time and effort because there is no third party library used in the project to implement additional filters we can offer a customization service send us an email to itdevmobileapps2@gmail.com

Thank you :)

One 4.4 oneplus one crashes on trying to access gallery for image and if you take picture for editing has error XML attribute add unit I’d was missing. Tried using the crop feature and it doesn’t appear to match what I am cropping too

Hi please send email to itdevmobileapps2@gmail.com to help you wirh the issue

This is with the demo you provided not the source code

We are updating the demo soon but about the ad unit and xml when you buy you need to supply admob id to display the ads


Can we reduce intensity of some filters ? For example green orange that are with so much color.



Yes you can in com.example.photoeditor.graphics CommandsPreset you can change the numbers to the desire value



I downloaded your sample app in the dropbox link above but got an adunitid xml attribute missing error. However, the rest of the app is working fine.

Also, another question, are you available on oDesk for customisation work?

Hi, The ad unit is missing in demo because the admob id is empty and for customization you can send us email @ itdevmobileapps2gmail.com thank you

Can you add a function when someone edits/saves a photo, the app automatically adds a logo/watermark at the bottom/right side for example?

What do you think?

I think there is no reply for pre-sales questions from the creator of this app which is very bad in my opinion.


Sorry our team is busy for customization work right now sorry for the late replay


hi I can’t add ads. help me please.


Did you follow the documentation in the strings.xml you need supply the Admob ID

Where exactly? can you show ? thanks

There is a problem with android 5.0

please fix it

I want to buy the application, installed it on my phone and I get the following error message in red letters


can you fix?

You need to supply your admob id you can find it in the documentation

i need instructions for android studio. I only see instructions for eclipse. Also every time i change the APK package name on gradle.bundle and Android,manifest i get an error message- R.folder missing. please help


When I open the app (I have purchased for it, so it is not the sample), I get the next message in the editor screen:

Required XML attribute “adUnitId” was missing.

I can continue working in the picture and everything, but the message is really annoying and I would like to know how to solve it.

Thanks! Carlos

Hi, i get this error in opening project, PhotoEditor] Unable to resolve target ‘android-19’

please help me.

Hi , can you tell me how i can change icon in this app . please help me .

Hi, I need an basic Camera Android App, Can you provide me?

hello, do you interested customization work ? I need adjust option and if you interest i can pay for it

Hi. nice app, I like it !

I can crop images manually. Is there a way so that I can in the code predetermine the default crop dimensions? If not possible as standard, can you contact via my email as to what the cost would be for this customisation?


i have succes build but there is not menu effect and sticker what can i do

When are you planning to provide an update Android 6. Currently it’s crashing in Android 6

Hello, I’m very interested to buy this source code, but I would like to know if I can Change the text font to other languages like Chinese using otf file. thanks

How to keep bigger crop area as per images in the middle of the screen on first load?