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Woah! This is an awesome application! :D Are we going to expect an android version?

Thanks Uziiuzair! If you liked this one you may also like ‘Speak it Text To Speech’ – that’s definitely another great one of ours you should check out.

I can’t announce anything at this stage but just make sure to hit that ‘follow’ button so you will be notified if or when we do :)

I need some help with code, for reason “delete note” doesn’t seem to work after sending note. Do u have a solution for this?

Hi Check320, I can confirm that issue does exist, sorry about that, We’ll work on a fix now and update the project files shortly.

Hi Check320, the update has been sent for review and should be out within the next 5 days, we’ll notify you when it is out :)

currently Objective-C.

Hey mate, AWESOME App.. Android is MUST ASAP.

Look how can i push the user note to php script to update our social network?

this will solve single notes right?

Also what about a Video Feed as well Image?


Hi CloudMarkits,

Glad you like it. To push a note to php script you will just need to store the note in an NSString and a simple Google search should help you with the rest!

Happy holidays :)

will this app allow me to take pictures with the note on it?

Unfortunately not in this current version

will this app allow me to take pictures with the note on it?

Hi… i searched all the digital marketplaces and now i found it here….. great app… pal.. i am really interested in this , do you mind some custom work if yes how may i get in touch

Hi, you can send an email to hello@lukepearce.com.au