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Hi. I have never been able to make image captures. It only appears that it was made. What do you think it could be? Thank you

Hi, capture only requires your server and hosting to be allowed to write in folders, so please follow your FTP software to allow these folders to be writable. :)

Hi, I did not understand the difference between the two systems. The query images are public in both systems. And in the multi user version, several users will be able to manage the cameras. It is?

can the software use the built in cameras?

Hi, this script can use any video streams as long as the cameras, built in or external are able to provide either a mjpeg stream or a screenshot function. Please check your manufacturer’s specs to find out. Thanks

do you manage video storage as well or just camera view? Thx

hi, I need plugin which will help me to show live video from ip camera using rtsp link in c#.

Hello, can you get a MJPEG stream from your ip camera? can you check ?

Does it has a facial recognation feature?