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I have a wanscam ip camera. (the cheap ones). I can’t find the model anywhere and I’m trying to figure out the url stream.

I’m using this one with no luck at all: http://[IP]:[PORT]/videostream.cgi?user=[USER]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=64&rate=0

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. thank you.

Hello, indeed some camera makers just dont give any information on how to reach their camera stream, which is a shame. If you can’t even find the camera model you’re using, it’s gonna be really difficult for me to try to assist you.

Hello, I’m using 4 y-cam live stream on

Here is the stream list

RTSP MPEG4 stream: rtsp:// RTSP MJPEG stream: rtsp:// HTTP MPEG4 stream: HTTP MJPEG stream: HTTP ASF stream: HTTP snapshot image:

Well i’m using my own php code which works as refresh snapshot.

Does your plugin support better live stream? Thank you

Hi, Yep you’ll be able to use the snapshot.jpg I see listed above.

Is this script currently being updated?

Hello, we are still supporting and checking for updates for this script. Thanks

Hello,; it’s not clear in their description. Ask the seller if the camera provides a MJPEG image stream.

Hello, I follow instruction but I cannot change the setting…video below

please help, first time setup and do read your instruction

Hello, there must be a misconfiguration on your server/hosting plan, can you contact us by email via our Envato profile to help you ?

Do you offer some camera suggestions we could start with? I would be interested into buying this code.

I have been able to configure everything but when I stream it view your script. The streaming seems to stop after like 30sec. Do you have any idea what would occurs this?


Can you verify your CamAnywhere version can actually save your settings properly ? Otherwise you have to check with your hosting plan to be sure you got the permission to write on files.

The streaming shoudn’t stop, our script just read the streams, so if it’s stop, it seems you somehow lost connections with the source.

Hello, thank you for the feedbacks, I am actually trying to configure everythings on the local network on the configs from your scripts. The camera is streaming 100% correctly via the small software that they gave me with the camera.

I’ll will look for the rewrite on files for your script.

Good afternoon, I am very interested in purchasing your ip camera script. Does it allow control of ptz so I could rotate the camera?


Hello Actions like PTZ or rotation are too often made with ActiveX controls, thus it’s not working in every browsers. We made this script in “cross browser” vision comptability, meaning it’s only possible to see the video stream. No other action allowed except taking snapshot. Thanks


I’m interested buying your script. what’s up with your demo? Is the script similar to this ??

If not can you make it?

Yes it’s very similar, and if you got specific needs I can quote custom work. Thanks

Hello presale question: i want to know if it’s possible to create multi user acces. EX (So when each user accesses his account he only view these own cameras ip it to configure). Thank

Sorry can you please tell me how many time: 2week, 1month…?

It’s a real huge project with many people involved, should be available early 2017.

Hi, do you have a mobile version for this product? can you send me an email so we start a conversation about some customisation?

Pre buy question: It is for car wash business, I want show to website visitor how much line up car and truck on the ground for car wash. Can I insert iframe in web site the live stream? The camera is Zavio B6210 Mini IR Bullet IP Camera, 1080P HD Video Surveillance, PoE Thanks.

Hello, yes you can totally do that, I can help you for the iframe mods. You can DM me for the details of your camera and tests to be sure it’s compatible.

rtsp streaming work?

i have this streaming : rtsp://

We dont use Rtsp protocol for the sole reason that rtsp needs a player or browser plugins/modules to read the steam. We use mjpg/cgi-bin/or snapshot functions provided by the cameras, in order to be able to stream throught every browsers nowadays.

Hi there,

Looking at your script to purchase….. I have a AXIS M7016 Video Encoder with 16 separate channels. Will I be able to show the 16 channels using this.

Many thanks

Hi bigbert, have you got a technical manual provided ? If you are able to connect to each camera stream via a web browser, it will work. Just verify you can use a MJPEG stream and let me know ;)

Hi there, It looks like it will work as all the feeds end in ….mjpg/1/video.mjpg ….mjpg/2/video.mjpg ….mjpg/3/video.mjpg and so on. Also I can view / stream each camera via a web browser. thanks.

Indeed, it will work just fine ;)

is streaming in hd possible real time or just snapshots and does it need localhost or other hosting idk???

As described in the description, you can stream your camera’s video with mjpeg or snap protocols. The web script is supposed to run on hosting if you plan to access it or broadcast it globally, but you could also have it run on your local machine.

can i upload recorded video footage to the cloud or to external server

Hello, this version doesnt allow that.

Hi Hambucker, I am very interested in your script and I would like to buy it but before I would like to know some things: -Is it possible to personalize the code? Since I am a PHP developer -Is it possible for me to create multiple accounts to allow multiple access to several different videos? Or should we consult you to access all these improvements?

-do you know this website “” ? they have an service to automatically map ip adress remotelly for video surveillance cams. could this script automatically map my ip adress like provided on the services of this site ?

thank you very much

Hello and thanks for your message.

Currently this script will load and display every camera details on a single page, but you could totally code a multi-account profile that would serve a different camanywhere page with differents cameras. If you’re a developper, you know it’s just a question of “loading different variables”.

If you prefer that we handle this part of custom coding, please contact us via our Envato profile so we can exchange ideas and quotes by email.

Thank you

Hello I finally bought the product. I will test it and if I encounter difficulties I will come back to you

Thank you!

Can this script support streaming from mobile clients?

Hello, yes it does. Check the demo from a mobile.

Sorry,what I mean to ask is can this support using the camera on a mobile phone/ Ipad for streaming out???

Hello, this script will stream MJPEG and refreshed JPG captures, thus, if your mobile phone camera or tablets can serve you such a stream, it is possible. I have to tell you it is the first request so far, usually CamAnywhere is used for surveillance cameras, touristic cameras and IP streams. I advise you to check if an app or your tablet can produce a stream you can see in an internet browser, if it does, chances are you will be able to use this script as well.

hello my ip adress camera wacht ?

hello, sorry we don’t get your question…

nice script but I can not add my camera to see how works

Hi, you can DM me with your specific camera information, I will add them for your to review. We disable these functions to avoid spam and problems on the demo. Thanks

we just chat … can u tell me what is diferent this script and other?

This one is One user only. The multi-users can handle different accounts.