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Is there an option to add username and password for IP camera streams?

Great thanks, is there any way of adding this to a Wordpress site?

It’s running its own database, which is better, but ofcourse you could include this easily to a webpage page template. We can support you with that, just drop us en email for customization quote. Thanks

ok great, leave this with me and I’ll be back to you soon

how to use local dvr camera with this, ?

Every information are described in the user manual.

when ur next update?

This version is pretty stable, if you need extra developpement, we’re available for hire. Thanks

My requirement is record the video and take the snap shot of my stream. i want to display the recorded videos on my web site.

i will buy the software if the above features are available

Thanks V.S.Raju

Hello, you can freely live stream your video (without audio) and take snapshots. Recorded videos relies too much on every camera manufacturer, so you would need for example to record what you want and then allow people to download the files from your website. Feel free to contact us by email with more details about your projects.

Hello, I have 2 cell phones that monitor my home via IP, with this system can I access these two my cell phones from outside my Wi-Fi network? Is it easy to set up? Would I have to put a password for Administrator and another for visitor, and the visitor’s insert only query the cameras I want him to see? Thank you,

Hello, CamAnywhere multi-users can do all of this, as long as your camera are reachable outside of your WIFI network ofcourse, that’s the only technical task you need to do on your network/router/dyn dns service. Then depending on your specific needs, this script is very easy to customize, we can develop more functions for you, or one of your developer could also ;) Thank you.

I have some more specific questions to ask. Would you have some direct email so I can clear those doubts? Thank you,

Sure, drop us an email so we can go throught every points with you and advice you better. Thank you.

Good afternoon! I have a cell phone Alcatel Pixi 4.5, android 6.0. My cell phone has mobile internet (chip). I want my cell phone to transmit the images from my house. It can be video or it can be frame by frame. I do not need audio.

How do I make this process?

OBS: inform me free of charge for this

Thankkkk youuu

Hello, we have already replied to you last week, by email. Please check, or get back to us ;) Thanks.


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Hello! I did not receive any email from you. Tell me the date and time you sent. I’d like you to send me again, then. Or inform me of your email. I’m waiting. Otherwise, I want the refund of the amount paid. Thank you!

We have sent our support mail once again. Cheers.