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I am interested in buying the application, but before I proceed I have couple of question.

1. Is twillio available in India> 2. Can we have mobile number integrated? 3. When a customer call, will all his details automatically popup?

If all this satisfies I will buy.

Thanks G

Hi, guru23!

1) Twilio is available in India. You can read more on twilio.com/voice/pricing/in and twilio.com/help/faq/sms/are-there-limitations-on-sending-sms-messages-to-indian-mobile-devices.
2) I’m not sure that I understand. Using Twilio integration, when you make a call by the application, you receive a call to your mobile number, that will be connected to customer.
3) Application manage outbound Twilio calls, but it do not manage inbound calls by your customers. However, Twilio can manage a call by customer only if he make a call to your Twilio number.

I hope I have answered everything.

Thanks for your respons 1.What is the hardware requirements if I buy your code, I mean, should i get a new phone connection? 2.Can I buy multiple twilio numbers and integrate all of them in my website so that the moment a customer calls any of these numbers, their details should pop up and also all the details regarding the call should be saved in the database?

Thanks in advance, Guru

1) You need a web server with the requirements that you can read here: callsmanager.gabrielecuna.website/docs#requirements.
2) At the moment, Calls Manager does not handle inbound calls by your customers. You can set a default Twilio number and a Twilio number for user. If the user does not have a Twilio number, he use the default number.
Please check the demo version.

For other questions, can you contact me by the support form?

Hi author , what is the import format of xls

Hi, sharatpk!
You need to export the table like .csv file, using a comma ( ; ) to separate values and a new line ( \n ) to separate rows. You can read more here.

Any updates will come ?

Thank you for respond and we will buy it soon.

Hy weit any news about updates when will be avalible, like we talk about via email ? Thank you

Hi, PSpot!
I am really sorry for the release and respond delay but I am still very busy.
However I will try to start the development of the new version the next week.
Thanks for your patience.

I am interested in buying, but I am not going to use Twillo, currently i have a full PBX system with Voipo.com, if you can allow this integration, then I will buy it. I have my own Sip Accounts

Hi, Seigosoft!
I am sorry, but I do not think that this feature will be added in the next release. I will consider how to integrate it.

I need inbound calls. Is this something you can implement?

Hi, doc1955!
I am sorry for the late reply, but lately I am very busy with different projects.
For the inbound calls you can use the Twilio Client (you can read more here), maybe something like it will be developed in future.

This meens that update will not come or what ? Like i ask you few times via email and i get the same answer from you are too busy. I buy the software to have updates so can you bee please more specific about update? You say from day i buy that will be update in 3 month and still nothing? I ask you about video conference via twilio gateway to include if you remember? Thank you for respond.

Any feedback?

Hi, PSpot!
I am really sorry but I am still very busy to devote myself to the development of a new release.
I think you can understand that I need to also other projects, because the application does not give me an enough income.
However, do not worry, it will come, but I can not tell you a date.
In any case, I will try to develop videoconferencing through Twilio for the next release.
For a faster response, please let write me by email.

Hello you can use this script with an asterisk pbx / elastix?

thank you marcello

Hi, Marcello!
I am sorry for the delay reply.
However, this is not possible with the current relase, but it can developed.

update expected?

Hi, Cresca!
I am sorry but I am full of work with differemt projects, probably the new release will be released between 2 to 3 months.

Hi Weit. Your demo and documentation is down.

Hi, plasticine!
I know, it is because I am changing provider. In a few days will be back online.

Hi there

Where do I find the installation instructions?

Hello, Just bought and installed. Where are the instructions? I filled all twillio credentials but can not see the possibility to make a call. Your support manuals are offline. Please advise. Thanks.

Find out most of it….grrrr. We need a manual. 2) tip: with twlio you can chose between the voice of a woman accent and much more in the message. Could be nice if that’s integrated. Will take an hour I guess. BUT first the manual please!

The option of a single ougoing call would be appreciated as well.

the demo isnt working

Hi, does this have iCal and Google calendar integration? And are you planning a sip integration?

Maybe you could integrate this SIP: https://www.doubango.org/sipml5/


your system could be more of help with an android app too. Do you plan to develop it?

I want for your reply.

Thank you Ronnie

hello, the demo is down can you fix please thank you

Hello, is the project dead ?? please i am really interested to buy but i need to test the demo

is this dead?

This is great. If I wanted the operator to work with sales scripts so the the calls follow a particular format will I be able to enter them in admin for the operators to see while they are making calls?