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Do you have Admob, Chartboost and other Ad SDK’s on this?

Can you add them in case?

Hi, It can take one working day to integrate, those, so we are unable to provide it for free.

Hi can you give me a quote/price for the SDK’s to be added

We can integrate it for 45$ each, but first we need to know where exactly you want it to appear and how, for example, as a banner or full screen popup.

whrere i check the demo apk ? admob and full screen ads are integarte?

whats your plan to integrate ads on it ?

Currently we didn’t plan to integrate ads, as it may arise privacy concerns from user side related to eavesdropping their recorded phone call. That is why we do not use Internet Permission in Manifest.xml, but you are welcome to change it.

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you very much :)

Hello,Application looking great,Can you able to provide an APK file.

Thanks.I am going to buy it soon.

Thank you :)

Its working on nexus 4 and nexus 5?

unfortunately we didm’t have opportunity to test it on nexus phones. Try to download it from google play yourself: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kenzap.callrecorder

Also minimum you are supporting is android 4.1.x. Can’t we bring it lower to 3.0?

Technically it is possible, but interface and code changes will be required. In our products, we tend to implement latest programming features for newer devices, this usually results in older version deprecation. Unfortunately we do not have old version code for this program.


I bought this app. But it’s not working.

Please add new Update and Features.(soon)


Thank you.

Just to clarify are you recording calls or you are trying to record some noise in the room ?

I am using this program to record audio during a call…

Please read carefully the documentation, Call Recording feature is hardware specific and it will not work will every android phone because of vendor security limitations. You may need root permission for this feature work properly.

will you also make a iOS version? I hope so!!

We will think about it

Good Morning.

The app does not work. Tested on multiple phones and show everyone the message that is not compatible.

What should I do?

Thank you.


Thank you for purchase, in fact you can root your android device to bypass vendor limitations. Unfortunately the app may stop working just after update, this happen to be with many HTC or Samsung phones this feature is being blocked.

So rooting your device or find a supported one like Sony Experia SP, for example

Good Morning.

The app does not work. Tested on multiple phones and show everyone the message that is not compatible.

What should I do?

Thank you.

The app does not work. Tested on multiple phones and show everyone the message that is not compatible.

Unfortunately everyday android device vendors block this feature for developers and do not say officially. The app in fact is working properly, but the supported device list is unpredictable. HTC seems to block call recording totally same for Samsung. Some Sony phones not in the list yet.

In any way you can root your device to run this app on any phone.

Good luck and sorry for inconvenience.

i have problem just in the code of the activity_setthing.xml when i put in eclipse it give me

This is the erreur from code source app android

Exception raised during rendering: com.android.layoutlib.bridge.MockView cannot be cast to android.view.ViewGroup Exception details are logged in Window > Show View > Error Log The following classes could not be found: - PreferenceCategory (Fix Build Path, Edit XML) - PreferenceScreen (Fix Build Path, Edit XML) please help

Try to clean project and relaunch eclipse. Also make sure your android SDK is compatible.

Supports android studio?

every Eclipse project is supported by Android studio but you may experience difficulties during import

Can you import it to android studio and send it to me after i buy?

Call Recording app is deprecated because android stopped supporting this feature unofficially. We only recommend you buy it to get familiar with call recording code patterns. Sorry for inconvenience.

Fake application. Cant record any call. very bad app. Idont thinks so how codecanyon approve your app in listing.

You can just refer to any forum that faces similar issues. There is nothing to do with our app here and your “fack fack”. Sorry for inconvenience.

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please this app record o not & thk

depends on your device, unfortunately there is no official Android page that describes it. This feature is android manufacturer specific.

its look like the mobile recorder 24 – http://mobilerecorder24.com/ isnt it?

Yes probably you check our live demo.

Nice app but i finde app that can record not only calls, spy recorder, somebody know something about it?

The problem with call recording is that Android no more allows it! You have to root the device in order to use such type of apps.

Where is the APK ?

The call recording feature is only now supported once you have a rooted android device. This limitation comes from new Android firmwares. You can see the apk demo from one of our clients here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kenzap.callrecorderui&hl=en

can this record internet calls tooo?

If have rooted your device yes.

Can u plz explain more about it