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When I tap on Cloud Storage, doesn’t do anything, what is supposed to do?

Maybe in the future will support it. Current version still do not support

As earlier version, this too doesnt WOrks …

Some of device, maybe turn speaker to record. Please see the message

is there any discount for me , i want buy many of your apps

email to us !

Really beautiful :)


On which devices / Android versions does this work?

4.1 and above, Please test

I wanted to purchase this code, but i found some mising/bugs in this app. Upload to Drive can’t work, it says authenitication required, but i already logged with google acc. Also Share recorded file & Whitelist options required to be in this app.

this is not complete app. I can wait till your next update with complete app.

Also i want to buy your cleaner & antivirus app when you add here at codecanyon.

when you will update it….

Next Week

Is your next week completed? ,,,,, Who trust on you liar / lazy

Hi, when I run this application on my mobile phone(samsung galaxy grand prime plus), It asks me to open speaker, but if I don’t open speaker it doesn’t record any incoming audio. Kindly guide accordingly.

Yes, because on your Phone can’t record stream. So must turn speaker. On other phone, maybe do not turn on speaker. All Call Audio Recorder must do like our app

upload to drive and cloud storage dont work , you should add this features very soon in order to get more sales

Yes, We will add very soon

No problem, Please see my new apps on CodeCanyon


alnoah Purchased

Hi, saved call is in 3gp…can it be in MP3?

Please email to us. We can do it for you with customize a little

thank you so much

hi i need installation services also

nstalation mean ? Sorrry for delay. We can do it for you from code, reskin, upload to google play

Hi, i tested this app on my S7 Edge. Why it is showing open speaker window? With out opening speaker also the call is recording. Is there any way to remove this popup? I’m interested to purchase this app.

yes, can remove this popup

if you remove the popup, i will purchase it. Pease let me know

You purchase and We will send you project without popup when you done it

Do not purchase this code, uncompleted code, leaked features, upload drive are not works…Worst support Ever…............. very late reply of author…... no update

Can upload to google drive with next version

if you will not fix & update bugs in this week, i will share your code on internet for free download

Hi i have one question. i need before i call to a person or some one call me before start speaking a recorded voice tell to that persons that the voice will recorded . do your application have this feature ?

Can do it. But you must pay for extra fee for the feature

Nice app but something wrong, i need record not only call , i want to record videos.

Oh, You can buy Screen Recorder to record Facebook Call Video or similar

hi , this app is recording whatsapp – messenger – tango – Skype calls?

Now app do not record it. Please try app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=screen.recorder.screenshot.snapchat to record Whatsapp – Facebook Call – Tango – Skype or Snapchat

Hello in Menu Drawer – cloud storage. When I click the application closes. that function has this menu. in the documentation does not explain anything about this. I await your response. attached image. Best regards !.


Hi. We will update it with Cloud Storage in next version. If you want have this features. connect to us via contact.codergalaxy@gmail.com

We will update to you best and fastest.



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I purchased an application I want Ruskin application me how I communicate with you Do you speak Arabic?


jedo145 Purchased


Hello .I can not run the application correctly. especially the Save cloud eh saw the video. but this option would be that change that I get in the project properties. or this other image attached. greetings and I hope your answer.


Contact to us via email. I will help you