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Why can not we handle problems much email or give you no answers why not help anyone

Because your problem is not actually problem and you ask me about customization

As per evanto rule we are not responsible to update code as per your requirement . For that you have to paid extra charge :)

The app does not run on Android 5 is not a problem? All users are faced with this problem, we do not want a lot of features you want to program only on the bugs

please id skype

Hello, it is eClipse or Android Studio?
Android 6 support?

Eclipse Base Apps And app support at lollipop Android 5

whether able to record contact wise? or selected contacts?

No you can record as per record on off button only

Hello, Presale question:

I need to buy this app. But i need it too in ios? How much for the customization? Skype id please?

Thanks in advance.

yes sure please chat in skype skype id : hkinfoway

Send you a request. Add me

Tried to use 2 phone … does not work … The program closes at moments end call

Please send apk working version without advertising

Thanks for purchasing product. Please contact me on mail i will help you solve your issue.

Pre Sales Question: Is it updated with current android version?

Nope but we can do that for you please contact me on mail or skype hkinfoway

And how i get a info from another phone with this mobile recorder?

no you can’t get information

admob banner or int?


hello sir. please check your skype

Sure Please add me on skype : https://join.skype.com/invite/TsVXCpcHPCPD