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Friend, you can not understand, neither your DEMO apk and iOS work, how do you want to sell to 600 customers an illusion that they still have to pay more for codes outside the packaging to work? Make man’s role and serious company, puts a high example value: $ 500 and leave everything complete working and installed. So you avoid negative and comments about your person, be a merchant and not boy!

Sometimes I honestly don’t know why they always hide stuff.. I really have the money and the guys number, but I’m always scared doing business outside of envato. So I’m trying to let him reduce price outside envato so that even if it happens that I’ve been scammed, I would be rather scammed for 100$ than 500$ or 250$.. cuz buying outside its always the recipe for scam… I dont know why some sellers do this.. he may be genuine, but the fact is, a lot of scammers also promise stuff that doesn’t work outside envato


envatosupp Author Team


If you are interested in buying our product, you may check the demo and make the purchase from Envato.

Why are you using a user name that makes buyers believe you are Envato Staff. https://codecanyon.net/user/support_team_envato

Thank you Envato @TopDog for removing the deceitful support id pretending to be Envato support team by this seller!

how much is the cost of customization for push notification ?


Apologies for the delayed response. Thank you for your interest. Please contact our customer support at support@techware.in for the quote and timeline.

All support does is constantly reply with customization and email to take you out of envato so they can confuse the sale and your protection. Stay in Envato at all times to keep a record of how they reply and represent their items. Wish I had done that before buying from them!

Does this app automatically call the taxi?

No,admin has to manually assign the driver.if you need auto-assign feature we could implement it as additional customization. If you are interested in customization, please send your requirements to support@techware.in and our support team will get in touch with you regarding the same.


llx0ll Purchased

Convert an application to Xcode

How much the installation price and help lift on the Apple Store


Please contact our customer support at support@techware.in for the quote regarding your requirements. Thank you.

Hi, is this application developed with HTML, CSS and Javascript ?, I can run for Android and IOS?

And is it compatible with the latest versions of android and iOS?

For example, with versión android 7.1.1

Yes, it works.

Hi I bougth the ather app and i soo happy, now i’m looking for this app but before purchese it i like to know is the app auto assign the driver or is manual from the web site. tnk


Thank you. As of now, we do not have auto-assign feature for the app. The cab should be manually assigned to the driver via admin panel. But if you need the auto-assign feature, we could do it as an additional customization. If interested in customization, please send your requirements to support@techware.in.

I m tried really tried..its not working..i m tring to connect app with your web portal and its not working even i try to get paid your services..but no response yet…its really non professional..are you selling bugs… ???


We are sorry to hear about the issue. We checked with our support team and could not find a ticket with this username. So if you have already raised a ticket, could you please post your ticket number in the comment box so that we could look into your issue. Else, please raise a ticket addressing your issue at support@techware.in. Thank you.

Hi, are you support multi taxi company’s ?

I looking to buy taxi app for my city not for taxi company.

So, when someone open app, he can chose taxi company, his location etc..

So, piramide will look like: 1. Admin (me) ( first on piramide ) 2. Taxi Company’s ( second on piramide ) 3. Taxi Drivers ( last on piramide )

Thank You


Yes. For further queries/issues, please contact our customer support at support@techware.in.

Customization for wallet option

Customization for Driver Tracking

Customization fo Uber Clone

Customization to add Push Notification

Customization for drivers to upload license, adhar etc.

Customization for Payment gateway Integration

Customization to integrate Call My Cab with food delivery system.

Customization for Promo code Management.

Customization for admin to add vendors and view daily incomes.

Customization to add Driver rating

Customization to Track location of the cab during the ride in the app

Customization for Auto dispatch of taxi request to nearest driver.

Customization on Share functionality- Share on G+, Facebook.

Customization for driver to set status available or unavailable.

are there including in this script?

Our team has forwarded your requirements to our sales team. They would be contacting you soon.

Yes thanks, I have see that reply, it’s so expensive, $250 each customization, just for 1 customization like just add push notification


The rate quoted by our team are standard rates. If you wish to proceed further, please respond to the email from our sales team. Thank you.