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app crashing on android 4.3

Ok. Thanks. I will check and update on this soon.

and on 4.4 kitkat

Hi, crash is fixed and item is updated. Please check now. Thanks

crashes on startup.

Ok. Thanks a lot. I will update you soon.

Hi, crash is fixed and item is updated. Please check now. Thanks

I’m also unable to run app on 4.4, please verify when fixed.

I got the logcats for crashing. tell me your email, i can send.

Please send me logs on this mail id : vishbodkhe@gmail.com. Please send me. Thanks.

Hi, crash is fixed and item is updated. Please check now. Thanks

App will run on 4.3 and 4.4 phones as well now, crash fixed and item is updated.

Hello I have bought the app and have sent you 2 messages but did not get any response yet, will you please let me know how much you will charge to give it’s working source code? Thanks

Hi, thanks for purchasing my item. Actually I got your message first time only. I have uploaded the full app you can check : http://www.chupamobile.com/android-full-applications/call-message-blocker-3373

Please let me know if you want to know more on features and all.

You can directly mail me via contact form for separate discussion.

Thanks, Vishal

App working ? Full source code provided ? No cryptic librabry ?

This is template app ready with screens flow, you only need to write the basic logic to block the calls and messages. Yes Full source code you will get. I did’t get you on “No cryptic library”? Please let me know what do you mean?

You can have full app from here : http://www.chupamobile.com/android-full-applications/call-message-blocker-3373

So If I buy from codecanyon I didn’t get full source code ?

You will get full source code but not full app as this is template here, you need to add code for block call and sms. This is the template only you will get design screens and more features ready.

If you buy from ChupaMobile you will get the final app ready to launch on PlayStore with demo apk, full source code, and help guide.

Hi, I purchased the application. But it does not work. Do not add my contacts from the phone or from the call log, not clear. Appears only what is loaded by default. What’s going on? What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Ok. Whatever the problem is can be solved, please send me your mail id, we will discuss separately on the error you are facing. I will help you to fix the problem. Thanks

Please check mail. Thanks.

Excuse me but, reading all comments from other buyers here, you mean this is only a template? Not the full app? How can I do to put this code works complete? That is not right I hope you can give us a solution because sell a template and make advert from other code store like chupamobile is not nice. I want my code working complete without to pay more for this one.

I understood you. I think I have clearly mentioned that this is not a full app, template only. Also I have mentioned if having any doubts on item please contact me, number of contacted me for this and purchased who come to know what to do in item for make full.

I have uploaded full app as you know, because here didn’t get that much price for item. And main thing is this was my first item here in codecanyon and I never thought this can be issue here. The item is approved second time after I clear the item is template only not full app.

Sorry for this time, let me know what I can do for you?

Thanks, Vishal

hi i am unable to export apk file please help me

yes already do and still waiting for positive response

I will be able to help you tomorrow for sure. I will message you once online.

Hi, I need your system TeamViewer Id and pass to connect. So please email me with id and pass on vishbodkhe@gmail.com. WIll solve your issue urgent. OK.

still issu not solve

Can you please email me on vishbodkhe@gmail.com with your system TeamViewer id and password?

-No update? -Are it consists of the admob ads and interstitial ads?

Yes, this item consist with admob and and interstitial. Please read the item description before purchase. Please email with your detailed queries if any on vishbodkhe@gmail.com so I can clear your doubts easily. Thanks, Vishal

On your latest update will this source code works as a full app? Will block calls without extra programming?

Thanks for your interest. No, this is a template code only and call blocking is not implemented in the latest update. If you are interested in full call blocker app, please do contact me. Thanks

Hello, code still working? if yes i will buy.

Yes, But it is just a UI template. For ready Call Blocker Full app check here – https://codecanyon.net/item/call-blocker-admob-in-app-purchases-android-app-easy-reskin/20081148

android new. policy only can delete or block default messenger app only. so this. app should need make a default?

Yes, you are right. But this is just a UI template for Call and sms blocker app.

If you need call + SMS blocker (with default app) please contact from my profile.