Call SMS Blocker App Template with AdMob

Call SMS Blocker App Template with AdMob

Call Message Blocker Template Features

  • Eclipse + Android Studio Project
  • Splash
  • Flat UI
  • Quick Menu Access Slider
  • Blocking for Calls & Messages
  • Choose number from Call Logs, Contacts, Message Logs & Manual to block
  • Easy to remove from BlockList
  • Quick Call & Message option
  • Blocked History
  • Search Blocked Records
  • Settings
  • Themes
    • ADMOB banner ads added (Google Play Services Lib – Latest AdMob)
Call Message Blocker Template can be used by Android Developers for providing the design and good implementation on Call Message Blocker app for creating own Call Message Blocker app or to the employers. You can download DEMO APK here.

Right now the template will provide all the hardcoded call numbers, messages and contents from content manager class that have written in code.

Admob banner ads added in most of the screen only you need to put Admob id to see ads on your Call Message Blocker app you ready.

Search feature provided to search the blocked records on basis of Call, Messages, Month-Year and Date.

Settings provided for ON/OFF the different settings preferences to act the app accordingly.

Template having Theme support and 5 default/free themes enabled and can use.

Easy to change the colors/graphics, by simple replacing the color code and images, app logo and name of app.

This template needs one third party library and that is of Google itself, named as : Support App Compatibility Library “android-support-v7-appcompat” and “google-play-services-lib”

Slider with Quick Menu Options:

  • Search
  • Settings
  • Themes
  • Check for updates
  • More apps
  • About
If you have any questions/doubts in mind about the item features and working, please contact and ask. I will be more happy to clear your doubts.