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Hi, quick question. What is a Telegram messenger notification?

Telegram messenger is a program such as Viber and Whatsapp. And you can get to the notification.

good work, all the best for your sales ! ;)

Thank you:)

Hi Alex, I will send you an email with some issues. Regards

Hello. I fixed bugs. Please use new version.

Hi Alex, is now working perfectly, thank you! One suggestion, the form could automatically close a few seconds after sending.

Thank you. It’s good idea. I will include it in new version.

Hi Alex, how are you? I’m the first buyer of your plugin, and I realy like it, but we have some issues. The website I’m developing is in, if you click in the icon will see that the form has fixed height and nothing happens when you click the send buttom. Thanks.

Hello. I am so sorry. I will fix this bug. Please wait 1 day.

Is it possible to use the popup form with simple custom links (for example “Request Callback” text link in header or footer)?

You can use “a class=”spoot_open_window” href=”“Request Callback /a ” to open popup form and use CSS property .spoot-button {display: none;} to hide button.

thanx a lot!

In some situations, I would like to put the plugin’s icon into a sidebar widget rather than just position it from the side and bottom of the window: Is there any way of doing this? I appreciate that I could put complete form in the sidebar, using the relevant form’s shortcode: But I just want the icon there and the popup form when it’s clicked. Note: I am using the premium version of the plugin.

This is a temporary solution. I improve it in the new version.

It looks like the plugin conflicts with configuration of variable products. Missing checkbox – see the screenshot

Hello. thanks for the info. I will fix it in a new version.

Hi, can you add WPML support?

I have a site with multiple languages using wpml. I created a Call me spoot Form for the first language, this works great.

Then I added a translation for this form, but on the frontend its always displaying the first language.

If you tell me your email I can send you more details and screenshots.

thank you :)

It seems to be not compatible with Yoast SEO Plugin. When activated, post and pages edit does not display yoast code snippet editor

try new version 2.7.

Hi Alex, seems to work great now, thanks :)

Hi Alex,

Great work !

There is a code error in the form: <lable> should be replaced with </label>

Do you have a solution for the French style phone format: +00 00 00 00 00 00

Thank you.

“There is a code error in the form: <lable> should be replaced with </label>” – What do you meen?

Hi Alex,

In this file: spwp86-functions.php

You start the label with the tag <label> and you end it with the tag </lable>

For me, if i set phone mask with +00 00 00 00 00 00, I can not validate the phone number


that right. not validate. thanks. I will fix in new version

Good evening,

I have bought your Call me Spoot Plugin, thank you for your work! Can I use this plugin for my several websites or must I buy it for every site?

Best regards, Vsevolod Li

Thank you. You must buy my plugin for every site.

nice plugin

Thank you