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How is this app different from the Call/SMS blocking feature already built into most smartphones? What additional features does it offer?

Block via time, have white list, block with white list and have so many option


Im interested in your app, but i would like some added features like to be able to have a main server, where i can upload numbers that will be forwarded to all cellphones if they wish to, and all numbers blocked by the users must be collected so i can generate a DB with “most blocked numbers” and add them to the default blocked numbers. How much would you charge for making this

Hi ! Please email to us. We will give you the price for customize

Thank you

how to change package name

please do via document in Project

good sales =)



Would this app block whatsapp calls or magicjack app calls?


Maybe it’s a extract function :)

Hi when i would to build the app she give me this problem :

Error:Error: This fragment inner class should be static (com.sar.callblocker.screen.fragment.BlackListFragment.CustomDialogFragment) [ValidFragment]

please help me to resolve thank you

You still do not purchase it ? Email to us

Hey, when i generate the apk,i got this error: Error:Error: This fragment inner class should be static (com.gpaddy.callblocker.screen.fragment.BlackListFragment.CustomDialogFragment) [ValidFragment] i purchased the app, can you reply me just here, no time to send an email. Thank you

i tried it, it doesn’t work,

i tried it, it doesn’t work,

So Please give me your Skype. We will chat and teamviewer to fix it for you

Hello, I just purchased the app and we are redesigning it right now. But I tried to block the messages but to no avail. Could you please explain to me how to block the message.

SMS block can’t available on 4.4+ without default SMS manager. Must write other apps to block SMS. Full features of SMS like sent, received, emoticon, etc

Email to us. We have SMS blocked Good luck.

All right. I want to remove the that Block the SMS button from the setting screening and the + for More App button from The humbugger menu. How do I do that?

Please find the String and will see the code. Find via String. Good Luck. Or send me email

are you promoting your app inside this ? how can i remove the GP Messenger thing in the menu…?? i can’t find any options to do that,

Find via String. and visibilitiy = gone Or send us email

i need to pay again for the support. what was previously

Please email to us. We will support you

hello brother the ads for admob has stopped why

I’ve test. Admob showed. Please buy it and change your ADmob ID

I have test your demo apk and don’t see any full_intersitial . When full_intersitial will appear?

We can add intersitial for you. When play recorderd audio