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Good day! I have a problem with plugin Calendarius. I use theme Asana https://themeforest.net/item/asana-sport-and-yoga-wordpress-theme/11465027 in my WP site. When I try to display calendar on page Classes with shortcode [uni-calendar id=”142”] it doesn’t display. And I have such error message in console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘toJSON’ of undefined. Also I can’t update plugin Calendarius. My current version is 1.2.3. What can be wrong? Thanks in advance.


Pls, ask for support for the theme author as you are not my direct customer. Thanks!

i was wondering if each event put in the monthly view can have different color blocks for each event


Yes, it is possible to choose different colour for each event.

I just downloaded the plugin, and added the cobot account infomation for the integration, but the calendar is blank and nothing from the are cobot account is appearing the page is http://bamboodetroit.com/BOOKING/

I cant just give you the login, what is the problem

I should investigate and find the reason, but I cannot do this without access to admin area of your web site.

let me talk to the sites owner, I will get back to you

can add pictures to the event pop ups

For pip up windows? No. Only for events.

Can you add Custom Times / Dates for the same Event/Show for same day?

Example: Matinee – 12:00am – 2:00pm Lunchtime 2:30pm – 5:30pm Evening: 6:00pm – 11:30pm etc for same event on calendar :)

Hi mate, my client: deliciouswebdesign, bought your plugin and – in your CSS for backend on the calendar you have this code:

.fc td, .fc th, .fc td div, .fc th div { position: static; }

inside fullcalendar.custom.css etc. but with position: static, it messes up the numbers on the calendar so they are unreadable and do not show properly.

If you look your see :)

Thanks Aaron

Hi its ok :) was a plugin conflicting with yours :)

Ok, thanks.

I’m having a problem using your plugin with my child theme. The calendar doesn’t display. I’m using Avada child theme. The child theme doesn’t have any customizations yet. Only the css file is there.

When the parent theme is activated, the calendar displays correctly. When the child theme is active, the calendar doesn’t display. All the other plugins are also deactivated.

Nope. I don’t see your email. Maybe just contact me via the contact form on my profile page?

Message sent.

I’ve answered you with the screenshot that shows that calendar is displaying in twentyseventeen theme. So, it is something in your theme that causes the error.

Hey mate, i have adeed calendar to this page:


using shortcode: [uni-calendar id=”8055”] but it just will not display nothing and i have added dates to the calendar etc.


Hi if you go here mate: http://www.bricklanemusichall.co.uk/mhall/calendar/ and on any date if you hover over the next date it is trying to link to same one?


It is not for every event. I think some of your events lasts two days, for instance.

Yep, that’s it. I’ve just sent you the screenshot.

Hi there,

I bought your plugin a week a go, I’ve set it up with two different calendars and two days a go I had to up date wordpress, and both calendars disappeared. Well, not the tables, the full schedules, after the up date.

The URLs:

http://www.condalcrossfit.com/horarios-crossfit-gracia/ http://www.condalcrossfit.com/horarios/

What’s going on?



For instance, setting June 12 for weekly view will result in displaying this week. Always, even after ten years :) For monthly view – always June.

Done! I’ve set it up from last week and it’s running well again. Thanks!


Hi there again,

Where can I send you a mobile screenshot?

Appears a weird text, the date an old date and I would like to change the color of the day/title, delete it if it’s possible. Or just keep the day without date.

Well, you can see the mobile versions here:

http://www.condalcrossfit.com/horarios/ (The fixed date is June 5th and appears on the title on mobile version, and the color is terrible) http://www.condalcrossfit.com/horarios-crossfit-gracia/ (Appears the date as well, plus the weird text): jun. 12, 2017Con1am12/6/2017 Cro00Fia Gramciam)

Is there a way to delete the date, keep the day of the week and change the colours??


I don’t understand why I have to get a paid customisation for change something so simple as change the tittle colour, or (as you said) change the entire colour of my website because of a paid plugin. As you are getting paid for your plugin, you should considerate to ad that simple customisation.

As I said, you don’t have to if you don’t want. I just offered it in case you are interested in.

You can adjust it by yourself or use as is. It is not a bug. And I don’t responsible for your choice of the theme. I told you already:

a) white colour of the text comes from your theme; It means that your theme has a specific CSS rule that set this colour;

b) “Weird” text is not so weird actually, but just a misconfiguration; Check my demo – it shows ok if it is configured properly;

If my theme and text has that colour should be able to change that easily, that’s my point. I see how you help people… I’m gonna ask a refound


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Hello. Can you create some custom work at Calendarius for me? I want to use only as all day events and ii want to hide “all day” from modal pop up. Also i want to show in the place of all day the event categoty.


I think so. Could you clarify what you need to be done with screenshots?


hagigeo Purchased

I want to use only the basic week layout. 1)I don’t want to show the time of the event or the “all day” in modal pop up. 2)At the place of “all day” i want to display the category name if it is possible. 3)Also the modal pop up don’t scroll down when the text is big. I try with another theme and it is work fine. Some confliction with the theme.

Are you interested in customisation, right? Please, contact me via the contact form on my profile page and we will discuss this. Thanks.


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How to make 30 minute event?


Make 30 min interval and resize event while on weekly agenda view, for instance.

Is it possible to show the same calendar just in different views. For example, on a main events page have the month view, but on another page have the week list view?

Is there documentation for this? I bought a theme that had the plugin and am trying to figure it out for a client.

Figured out how to use the attribute. The issue I am having is that when it goes to mobile view – the listweek attribute reverts to showing the full month – and not just the week.


Hello, is it possible set the view as represented here: https://fullcalendar.io/js/fullcalendar-scheduler-1.6.2/demos/vertical-resource-view.html Thanks. Regards


Sorry, no, it is not possible.

When importing bookings from cobot, do the categories/resources info also get imported into my WP database? Even just the color or any other info related to the booking categories/resources.

How can we show which resources have been booked? It just displays the time and the title of the booking. We want to show the availability of each resource but since all displayed bookings are using the same color, it’s impossible to show which resources are still available.

Well, it works a little bit differently.

Resources are getting imported on successful auth with Cobot and you can display them separately. Please, find a related shortcode in the documentation. But this is just a text.

In order to connect bookings and resources, you actually have to create categories with the same names on your website. This is how your bookings will be shown in connection to cats/resources.

Okay, I will try that. Thanks.


I am using the plugin to create a calendar for a fitness studio. I spent an hour or two entering various classes and then came back later in the evening to add one further class and all the previous classes dissapeared! Its such a lot of work I dont want to reapeat it if its just going to happen again. Is there a known glitch? I am entering an active link in each calendar entry to bounce the person clicking on the calendar entry to my payment/booking system (acuity scheduling) – I dont see how that should affect this problem but I am just being as complete as I can with the info. Is there something I may have done that has caused this? Any advice to stop it happening again? Thanks



No,  it should not have happened. How you configured your calendar.

It was a question :)

Hi there,

I would like to delete the date once you see the timetable on mobile, and I don’t know how to do it. I’ve been trying to follow the documentation and I can’t get it. The date shown on mobile is the date I choose on “Starting Date”, if I don’t add a date the timetable is blank.

Could you help me please?

I am sorry, what?

There’s two calendars in the tab “horarios” (Main menu)


I think it is not possible to hide a date in the List view (mobile) at the moment.

Hi, I am using your plug-in with Tickera. I can’t seem to filter the events by category (the ones I set using Tickera). Calendarius seems to display all tickera events, while I need multiple calendars for the different event categories.

Thank you

Ok, know anyone who would be able to help us with this issue? Perhaps someone familliar with your plugin/Tickera?

I work alone. So, maybe this is why I have a lack of time for all the plugins.

No, sorry, I don’t.

Allright, thanks for the reply. :/

Hi mate, when we use the “Copy Event” feature – if i want same event time for say:

15/08/2017 – 18/08/2017 it overlaps the 16th / 17/ 18 etc so when you view on the frontend if you hover over 16 its clickable etc? is there a way to fix this?

Or maybe add a feature to duplicate not copy? but copy and duplicate do the same thing really.

Thanks Aaron


Probably it is because your events are ‘all day’.

I’m interested in purchasing this product for Cobot integration. From what I see, it integrates with the calendar and also possibly plan pricing, is that correct? Any additional helpful into related to Cobot would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the interest!

It has integration with Cobot.me service – bookings can be fetched by API and displayed on your site.

I have to warn you that the plugin has some minor issues. I will fix them in the future, but I don’t have time for this now.