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Demo is not being installed. Showing an error message ‘There is a problem parsing the package’.

working only android 3.0 and up

Nice work, GLWS! :)


In alarm. when the notification appears, I read it and should disappear from mobile notifications, but does not leave. Can you fix it?

Any full documentation, video or text on how to integrate?

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can i use “stickers” to display various activities? thanks

more customization contact on mail

I have a problem with colors Example: Add a note and then go to “reminder”. in the options, click-on “all day”, the window goes the same color text and background – not seen. How does i change the color to make it look?

Question…about how long did it take you to build this app (hours, days?) I know this is a relatively basic app but what is the difficulty level of programming for this app (for instance, in relation to your photo editing app). Basically what would someone in the industry charge to build a comparable app. I was wondering what the scope of this sort of project is. Also, how can i go through and view the scripts, as in what programs(besides notepad) can I use to look through all of this. Just fyi, i paid for a copy of the code so please answer back. Many thanks.

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Hi! please mail me at stiwixofficiel@gmail.com i want to create me an app! Thanks.

Can I set this up so its a SAAS type of service where other people/companies will be using the software rather then myself

Any live version of this app on Google Play? Thanks

Eclipse o Android Studio?

Eclipse Base

“R cannot be resolved to a variable”

How can I solve this error?

Please contact on mail :) i will help you using teamviewer

I bought your template « Calendar Note » today, December 23rd, 2016. I use Android Studio till 2 years, I have never used Eclipse. I thought that it was simple to import this project in Android Studio : I chose “Import Project (Eclipse ADT, Gradle, etc. ...)” but it has many errors ! May be it is necessary before import to réorganize some directory or import library by build.gradle ? Or something else ?

Looking forward to your reply Best regards

I contacted you on this email : krsureja@gmail.com (December 28th)

I’m waiting but I have no answer from you since 3 weeks. Could you send me an email please ?

krsureja@gmail.com Yes please contact again

There will also be for ios?

no only for android if you want ios then please contact me on mail

other people who have the same app I can see the same calendar?

I need to give this app to more people, and all must see the same calendar

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can this run on latest android studio ?

Hi, this code is up to date to run in latest android versions? Can be used in Android Studio? Thanks