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Welcome to the canyon. Idea for enhancement: add an “export to web” button so that a calculator can be put onto a webpage. Good luck with sales!

Thank you for your suggestion.

Pretty Nice Idea Like It Good Luck With Sales <3 and Make It Support Win8 Will Be Nice On Metro Style ;)

Thanks. :)

AWESOME piece of software, simple design and very powerful. I’m always making weird formulas to solve problems and this tool does the job much quicker than a spreadsheet.

Thanks, hope you enjoy it.

Can I use this on wordpress? I mean upload it to my domain and the visitors can use it my new created calculator?

I’m planning to create a new calculator just like this one:

It’s about the volume calculator.

Yes, you can.

can i add more inputs?

I’m looking for a calculator like the examples given below…. on For Sale By Owner sites to show “How Much You Save”

Question is, Can we build a form calculator like the ones used in these examples?

Examples:- 1) 2) 3)