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as before no project to use it on yet but im sure it will come in handy somewhere :)

Thanks Nokiko! :D

has it any theme , if not , how can I change the color of it ?

Hi, it comes with 3 skins that are easily changed (shown towards top of demo). You can also make your own or change any colors in the CSS.

I hate math, this makes my life easier :D

Awesome, I love it :)

Thanks! :)

Really awesome!! Great idea!

Hi, I’ll need to do create my presets using sin, arcsin … is it possible ? very urgent thanks a lot

Hi giorgiorusso, thanks for your purchase :) I’m not entirely sure what you are asking… specific formulas for sin, arcsin, etc? Are you wanting radians or degrees? Have you Googled formulas for these? Depending on what you are wanting to achieve, you may be better off writing this entirely outside of NightOwl since these are natively built into Javascript using Math.sin() and Math.asin(). Feel free to email directly through my profile page with a link and more details and I’ll be happy to assist :)

HI. I need to create Financial formula like, Present Value, Future Value, and Compound Interest, is it possible ?

Do you any demo backend

Thank you

Hi, there’s a compound interest demo on the demo page under mini-calculators financial. All of those are automatically generated when you supply an equation to NightOwl :) As long as you have the formula for what you’re looking for it should be able to generate a mini-calculator for you. Please note that this isn’t a WP plugin so there isn’t a backend demo. Thanks!

Can I use this, at my WP site ? sorry I am not a programmer..

Hi, yes NightOwl will work on WP. It includes installation and docs for use in WordPress as well :)

Please, can your calculator be used in a wordpress site, inside a page or inside a post or as a widget?

Hi, yes it can be used in any CMS that allows you to link your own JS files. I include WordPress specific installation instructions in the documentation, however please note that this is not a WordPress plugin and support would be limited (I cannot provide support for helping make it match your theme). If you’re comfortable installing a jQuery or other JS plugin in a WordPress environment, then setting up NightOwl on your WP site will be easy :)

Thank you for your rapid and detailed response.

No problem :)

Thank you for this really awesome script! So far it worked straightaway, except one small issue: The RAD, DEG, GRAD switches have a too big gap. Please see:

I think it’s caused by one of my css rules, although my css file is loaded before NightOwl’s css.

Do you have an idea, which style could cause this? Are RAD, DEG, GRAD placed by list elements?

Thanks for your answer and best regards

Awesome news – glad to hear it is working for you :) Thanks for the catch – you’re right, this is probably caused by NightOwl css pulling styling from some of your CSS. If you can email me directly with a link to your site I’ll look into as soon as I can – most likely has to do with radio buttons. Thanks!

Author solved my problem, that was caused by a ‘label{float:left}’ in my site’s css. This was quite tricky to find out, but the author made a great effort. Very helpful person – that’s really premium support!

Glad you’re happy with NightOwl, please don’t hesitate to email me if you run into any other issues. Thanks! :)

questions from a non coder for forgive: I want to have my developer make a calculator, but maybe your tool would be suitable, so I just want to know if he will be able to customize the code to suit our purposes. Is it encrypted at all?

- Can the interface be customized. Remove/add buttons - Add selector options - Be made to pull data from our sites database and use that number in specific calculations Basically I want to make calculator for metals based on current market prices. So it would update real time every minute, and calculator would use the latest number based on the data our script passes to it. A real world example might be say I want to allow users to calculate the price for an input number of grams, ounces, pennyweight and give the user the current market price they entered as a result. This would require adding multiple drop-down selections to the calculator to select metal/type-purity/ and other options depending on the type of metal selected. Is the coding in this available for an experienced developer to make edits to this, or am i better off building something from scratch.

Appreciate your time.

Hi, thanks for your interest in NightOwl. Building a Mini-Calculator of this type is relatively easy. You’ll see the Velocity Calc example on the demo page – this was built by simply passing the equation to NightOwl: Velocity=Distance/Time. The plugin builds everything for you, so in this instance yours would be something like: Total Price=Amount * Unit Cost. You can then customize it a bit more by adding whatever units you like: Total Price[$]=Amount[grams] * Unit Cost[$/gram]. This would build a Mini-Calc similar to the Velocity example, but with your equation. In the example, you’ll notice the user supplies both values to calculate to find the answer – instead, we can supply a constant for the $/gram: Total Price[$]=Amount[grams] * 5[$/gram]. This is closer, but now we just need to place a variable (that is updated through you API, etc real-time) instead of 5: Total Price[$]=Amount[grams] * ‘variable_goes_here‘[$/gram]. This should do the trick (but please note that it is not tested). This is a rather specific usage and I didn’t think about pulling real-time data for use as a value in an equation (which is a great idea – and noted for future feature) A couple things worth mentioning: This will pull the latest information on page load – so if your values are changing drastically within minutes, your developer will need to find a workaround (re-initializing the plugin after data changes, etc). Hopefully I’ve answered your question fully, if not please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. Thanks!

is your calculator capable to do this please?

I’m looking for a volume calculator

Absolutely, just plug in your volume equations and it will setup a Mini-Calculator for you. :)

Ohh! Great to hear that! So the last question would be is your plugin is capable to embed itself to a wordpress website?

Yes, it is a jQuery plugin and will work with all sites. The documentation covers WP install, but I’d recommend being familiar with installing/configuring a jQuery plugin in WP.

Hi, I am interested in buying your script but I have few questions.

I have to make a form that can do simple arithmetic operations(+ – * /) with numeric inputs and can output results. So here are my questions.

1. Can I do it using your forms?

2. Is there a GUI to make such forms or I will have to edit and place code manually?

3. Put simply, Can I make these forms including arithmetic operations directly from front end.

Please guide me.


Hi, thanks for your interest:

1. Yes, that’s what this plugin was created to do.

2. You edit and place code manually, but it is quite simple and installs/configures the same way as most jQuery plugins. One setting allows you to provide an equation which is then automatically converted into a calculator form for you ;)

3. Not at this point, there will be a WordPress version in the works, but I have several plugins to convert to WP before NightOwl so cannot give an estimate as to when this will be available.

The documentation can be found here:

and should answer any other questions in depth – let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll be glad to help. Thanks!

Hi can you have the the mini-calculator input and result appear inside the NightOwl calculator and not in the form of the mini-calculator, which is just a form? My client wants the input to appear inside to screen of the calculator.

No, the mini-calculators are entirely different parts of the item than the full calculators. They’re basically just visually automated shells for equations you provide. I guess with some basic JS knowledge though you can move the answer from the mini-calculator to the large calculator (since they’re all just styled inputs), but I’d probably have to know more about exactly what you’re trying to accomplish before saying this would be the best approach.

Thank You for an awesome calculator with lots of options!!

Glad you like it! :)


I have included the calculator in a simple to install basic WordPress plugin. Maybe you like it.