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When do you think the cakephp 3 version of this system will be ready by? any approximate timeframe that you can give us? also please let us know what are the changes that we will get in the next update and when is the update being released. we are really looking forward to buy this app. Looking forward to your response. Thanks

Hi thanks for the update. we would still really like to know an approximate timeframe of the v3 release. Even if you say 1 week or 2 weeks or so is fine :-)

We are starting a project in cakephp and saw your app which matches our requirements but wondering when the upgrade would be released so we start off with cakephp 3 rather than doing a manual version update at a later stage of our project. any idea of the timeframe would be good as it would help us in planning the project accordingly. Thanks in advance.


Hello Bigabox

CakePHP2.x and CakePHP3 are very different. if you will start project in CakePHP2.x then you can’t upgrade into CakePHP3 because whole directory stracture and ORM is different.

and this time for many cases CakePHP3.x help is not available so you can start your project into CakePHP2.x . CakePHP2.x is different series that also upgrade into 2.x line.

We will take some time approx 1 month for CakePHP3, as we don’t have any budget for that development. As we start I will contact you.


Image upload with ckeditor not working. Could you please check again?

Hello nqduy1984,

Thanks for update me … let me check I will resolve this and update you soon.


Can i upgrade cakephp version to 2.7.x , is the ACL Plugin support is ?

Hello vincentgogo,

Thanks for your interest.

Yes ACL Plugin Support Cake PHP 2.7.x version.

You can easily upgrade it into cakephp 2.7.x.


I want to upgrade cakeready to cakephp 2.7.x , Can u teach me a good way ? or u can send me a upgrade version ?

Hello Jonslumiere

Hope you are doing well.

Brother as we are using Cakephp 2.5.2 stable version.

You should migrate it into cake 2.6 by followed these steps http://book.cakephp.org/2.0/en/appendices/2-6-migration-guide.html then migrate with 2.7 by followed these steps http://book.cakephp.org/2.0/en/appendices/2-7-migration-guide.html

I hope you have good knowledge of cakephp. you will do it definitely.

Keep in touch for any problem.

Try to give good ratting on my product. it will appreciate and encourage me for good updates.

Thanks Rahul Sharma

Hi,where is the documentation ? Please assist

and what is the password for first time login?

Hello Malikperang,

Thanks for purchase this item.

Username / Password : admin/123456

This is cakephp based script. need basic cakephp knowledge.


Any news when you will release the Cakephp 3 version update?

What is the login url for a regular user or just to see a non admin user page etc


This is admin panel only. you can use this for any project and build front end according to client requirement.

Is there a installation guide for this?

Hello Xorro

Really sorry for late response. It’s totally according to cakephp. only cakephp knowledge required for this.


Do you think a CakePHP 3.x version will be released in near future?

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