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Does this have any type of history as I create new polls, or are the stats erased when I create a new poll?

Can I run 2 or more polls at the same time?

Hi, in a multi-polls page, is it possible to have one button “Vote” for all polls ? :)

No, It isn’t.

Hi, I just purchased your item, but the download didn’t include anything in the config folder. How do I install?

This is a plugin of CakePHP framework – Please go to to download

Hi, the plugin does not work on IE8/9/10, is this normal?

In the sample page, a poll is shown and below it only shows the “vote” button, what about the “view resuts” button? could I show it besides de “vote” button? Thanks,

I can’t get the sample page to load. How to I get to import the JS files correclty (app.js and controller.js)? <script type=”text/javascript” src=”/your_app_path/app.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”/your_app_path/controller.js”></script>

You can find js files in the plugin folder.

hi … I have a question … I have the possibility to see more polls on a page? is important for me … thanks

Yes, please check my demo

ok thanks… and please a last question… Is it possible can to view the answers even if I do not vote?

No, but I think if you are a developer, you can change easily

hi … I uploaded all the files and set … but when I go to click on the VOTE button will not let me see the result … another for seeing in the console I noticed that I see this error:
missing Controller
Error: ThemeController Could not be found.
Error: Create the class ThemeController below in file: app / controllers / ThemeController.php
Missing this file: generalpath/theme/Bootstrap/js/libs/


Can I create a poll with multiple answers with this plugin ?

which versions of the cakephp and cakephp debugkit do we need? theres a 3.0 version now. I am working and uncommented a bunch of lines for the cakephp and getting a few errors.

Have you made this for Joomla yet? When I clicked on different tests I saw pie chart and bar chart in addition to the horizontal bar chart….but don’t see how to change that. It’s the best looking poll results I’ve seen, but really want plug and play – so it’s easier for client. Thanks,

No, I have not made for Joomla. Thanks for your comment.

how to embed the poll that i created, in my web page?


br0k3n Purchased

Dear staff, I bought your script, but there’s no way to use it, the db congif file is missing. I need a refund, please, could you told me the way to obtain it? Thanks

It’s a plugin of CakePHP framework, so you need to learn how to install CakePHP here