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Does this work for existing MySQL tables? Or do I need to recreate the MySQL tables in order to the code?

and the demo doesn’t work.

Does it support faceted (layered) search? Both demo and document links do not work. If you can show documentation then I might be interested.

Hello, I’m very interested in buying your CakePHP Fulltext Search with Zend Lucene Plugin. I am using the latest version of cakephp PHP. This plugin is compatible with cakephp 2.3? Thanks a lot

I am not test yet, but I think I will compatible with cakephp 2.3. Because It was written base on cakephp 2.x

Demo/doc links are not working

fixed, thanks

Hello, the demo link doesn’t work

Fixed. Thanks.

the demo link is giving an error when clicking on search, and there’s no documentation.

Fixed. Thanks!

hi. I bulid from documentation and finish this error: Error: Datasource class ZendLucene.ZendSearchLucene could not be found. :)

@gustek Rename /app/Plugin/ZendLucene/Model/Datasource/zend_search_lucene.php file into ZendSearchLucene.php

This plugin is throwing all kinds of errors, I think it should be updated to work with the latest version of CakePHP, but anyway, what I’m not able to solve is this error: Undefined index: database [ CORE/Cake/Model/Datasource/DataSource.php, line 104]


I fix this issue, please re-download this item. Sorry for late reply.