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Do you know if the plugin works with 2.5.x versions?


I read the change log, I think it work. No more change in Auth & Acl Component.

I bought your plugin but I am facing a problem if I uncomment $this->Auth->allow();//must comment after generate action everything is fine but when I logout still I can access manage groups users and permessions

if I comment the same line I get this error AclNode::node() – Couldn’t find Aro node identified by “Array ( [Aro0.model] => Group [Aro0.foreign_key] => 1 ) ” Error: An Internal Error Has Occurred.

please help

please clear all the data, then follow my document.

How difficult would it be to extend this plugin to support multiple permission groups per user?


I bought the commercial version and managed to integrate it in my app so far. But I have some questions : - What should I do with my previous Group and User models ? Should i merge in the Plugin with my files or the other way around ? - Is there a function in the plugin that could check permissions for any action from any controller ? So far you check the current action…

Can you please confirm this works with cakephp 2.5.6? is unclear and I’ll like to buy the product. If compatible, is your documentation updated? Thanks

Will I be safe to follow your documentation? thanks a lot

sorry to ask this but, wouldn’t it be safer and “generate more sales” if you do the test yourself and after everything is fine update the requirements?

I tested with the version 2.5.6. It work well.

Great Plugin! But theres a bug in the UserPermissionsController (correction see below). First you have to load the aro. Second the aros you have not to create with the $role‘Group’ but with the $aro‘Aro’.

public function edit() { // ... foreach ($this->Group->find('all') as $role) { // NEW ---- $aro = $this->Acl->Aro->find('first', array( 'conditions' => array( 'Aro.model' => 'Group', 'Aro.foreign_key' => $role['Group']['id'], ), )); // ---- $this->Acl->Aco->getPath($acoId); $hasAny = array( 'aco_id' => $acoId, 'aro_id' => $role['Group']['id'], '_create' => 1, '_read' => 1, '_update' => 1, '_delete' => 1 ); // NEW ---- $aros[$role['Group']['name']] = array( 'id' => $aro['Aro']['id'], 'allowed' => (int)$this->Permission->hasAny($hasAny) ); /* OLD $aros[$role['Group']['name']] = array( 'id' => $role['Group']['id'], 'allowed' => (int)$this->Permission->hasAny($hasAny) ); */ } // ... }

I will check this issue. Thanks :)

Do you will launch an plugin for 3.0 version?

Do you try integrate my plugin with version 3.0? I am not make sure, but I read the migration guide, I saw that no more change in the ACL.

Hi Demo isn’t working

Hm, have a bad guy who delete my data for demo. I fixed the issue. Thanks for your report.

Hi khanhtruong

I have followed the latest post trying to find update for cakephp 3.x. Are you planning to update your plugin for this version soon?

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I am so sorry. For now, I have not plan to update to cakephp 3.x

Hi all, i would like to say if the bug founded by subzero was correct or not. I downloaded the latest version here and the bug isset yet. Thanks in advance E.


are you planing for the 3.x version


Impossible to connect do demo login form…

It works now. Someone did change the password. Thanks for your information.

Please I use version 2.6.9 Does it will work

yes, it runs on 2.x

Unable to access demo, admin or member.

Fixed it. Thanks for letting me know.


I need this plugin, my application is in cakephp 2.7, i want to buy this today.

my application is in cakephp 2.7 , what changes i need