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Login not working, looks cool at first instance, Good wishes for sales.

Sorry, I solved it now! Thanks!

login not work again.

Sorry, I solved it!

sorry no i can’t

Sorry, fix the problem, I will implement a reset in the model, thanks for the feedback!

Doesn’t work still …

I did a reset with each new login, I think it will enhance the experience, thanks for the feedback!

Terá update para Cake3?

Estamos trabalhando nisso, pois a acl do Cake3 ainda não estava estável.

all is working now? may 24

Yes, well, myself included use in an internal project.

Nope, no permission for admin

Permissions are reset every 5 minutes or new login, you can be trying in a range, but just added to User: admin, password: admin. Try again.

Thx, when clicking the remember me button it does (or was it just a reset…)

This button is disabled because the authentication screen is not part of ACL management.

Good Luck with sales


I need this plugin, my application is in cakephp 2.7, i want to buy this today.

what is demo username password?

i want to purchase this plugin , plz send me demo login urgent

i need to finalize ACL plugin urgent, plz let me know if urs work with cakephp 2.4.5

Hi, I send an answer to email

i see your email, Thanks for your support!

if I click on the plugin and make it deny then the controllers all should become denied for that plugin, it still shows the green marks