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Can this tool be used to hide in my websites source the location of stream videos both when doing a search for something like .mp4 or with a firefox addon built to download videos like video download helper?

And if so, can I include this script in my page so that every video page auto “encrypts” my video urls?

I understand that there is no full proof way of hiding video urls, but am interested if this could be a first line of defense.

This Author is no longer around.


I have a problem where the file header (PHP obfuscate something) is detected as threat in NOD32 , is there anyway to change it?

I guess no one will respond but, I’ll try.

Do an encrypted code slow down (even a little bit) the php execution time?

Friend, I am interested in your script, but wanted to know if I can encrypt php + html code, and the value and even $ 6.00? Am I entitled to future updates?

esse eroo

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Trying to encode a class. Once encoded, it doesn’t function. Are you supporting this script at all?

Getting lots of PHP Notice notifications and the end result is always blocked by ESET.

this system can be hacked in no time, really… it took me about 2 minutes to decrypt an encrypted test code… And of course I am not an expert or anything…

I opened a ticket in support, but got no answer. Can check, please?


Any plans for an update? Updated technology? Updated optimisation? Use of Gzip Deflate? Use of other methods to shrink obfuscated code?

Thank you for your brilliant work on all your other projects. I really do appreciate the time you have invested in these solutions.

Wish you all the best for 2015! :D


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