Discussion on BWL Searchable Accordion jQuery Plugin

Discussion on BWL Searchable Accordion jQuery Plugin

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my requirement are find text, highlight if there are numbers of word match then arrow key to move next match’s word


In that case we need to customize the plugin code to meet your requirements. Please send us a message via support page to discuss detail about plugin customization.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hello, how are you! Nice plugin! I need this plugin not to use in brief accordions, but in an entire book. I need when people search a word, it scrolls and display only one or two paragraphs where keyword is. Is it possible? Thank you!

I am sorry, it is not possible with the plugin current options.

Was there any progress on multi-level nesting?

Not yet kind of suggests that it could be at a later date… thanks for replying so quickly xenioushk :)


I am working on it :)

Will let you know once done.

Perfect… roll on the next ODI India vs England at 1 – 1 :)

Hi, would it also be possible to directly link to individual questions? That would be an awesome feature, nobody has this.

Hello, how are you! Nice plugin! May I ask if you have received the message I sent you. I need this plugin not to use in accordions, but in an entire book. I need when people search a word, it shows only one or two paragraphs. Is it possible? Thank you!

Hi.. does you accordian work with Divi – Wordpress?


I am sorry. It will not work with the DIVI WordPress theme.


Hi, will this plugin be able to work on a website built with Elementor? As in will it be possible to embed it onto a Elementor page? I see that your WordPress plugin is for Visual Composer only so unfortunately that option is out.


Thanks for your message. Currently, this plugin is not compatible with the Elementor page builder. We will try to release an addon for Elementor in future :)


HI is it possible to bookmark a question. Like if I send a link to someone and the question automatically opens?


Please send a support message via the following link. I will send you the updated version.


Hi can you send that fix for + signs please? I cannot find the updated zip. Also I ss you not updated yet on Codecanyon.


Just replied your support message. Currently, I am working on navigation box position feature. Once done, I will upload the latest version on CodeCanYon.


Can I integrate this with my own data blocks? Meaning, I have boxes with data instead of using the accordion style boxes…


I am not sure about your requirement. Would you like to explain in detail with an example? So that, I can confirm you. Here go the support page of the plugin-

Looking forward to your reply.


Is it possible to get your script to search multiple words from the query string? When you currently attempt to search for 2 or more words, they convert the space to “%20” and believe you are literally trying to search for “test%20test”.

It’d be cool if you could specify a replacement character for spaces that can be used in query strings or at least it simply coded to accept something like ”_” as a replacement to spaces. So if I added “test_blah” it could find items that contain “test blah”. I’m not interested in it being so advanced that it needs to find “test” and “blah” separably.


Thanks for the useful idea. I’ll sure work on this and let you know soon.

Have a nice day.

@CostelloS comments above on a solution for opening a specific accordion section via a URL. Has anyone had success with this? If so, can you share clearer instructions please?

I’ve just discovered I can use the query string functionality already built in to the BWL Searchable Accordion. By setting up the accordion options to include search_only_title: true I can provide a URL like"example" and only the item with “example” in the accordion content will open.

Now I need this query function to search the HTML anchor id as well as the title/content so I can set unique identifiers for each item because my accordion content includes the same term in multiple sections.

Hi, what’s new in this 9-3-19 update? The documentation doesn’t say. Thanks.

does it support images within content?


You can include images within content.


Excellent. One more follow up question. When content searches are performed does it also search the img url tag and if so can I disable it from doing so. Thanks

I would like to do my own suggestion link (outside the suggestion box). Is it possible? I’m trying this:
  $accordion = $("#default_accordion").bwlAccordion({
    query_string: true

  var $asearch = $accordion.find('.accordion_search_input_box');

Hello Hvilela,

Please check following video tutorial how to add custom search suggestion link. Hope that will help you.


I would like to do my own suggestion link (outside the suggestion box). Is it possible?

Hi can you help me the CSS is not loading it doesn’t look right for me.



Thanks for your message.

Please send your site URL and FTP login info via following support page. I’ll check the issue and get back to you soon. Thanks.

Great plugin! Is it possible to show results based on accordions that contain matches?

For example, if a word or phrase is found, show the count of the accordions that have the matching string..

If this is possible, i would buy it… :)

Hello Katra,

This feature already available in plugin. Here goes example screenshot- Check live demo- Thanks.


I think you miss-understood. In the screenshot you provided there are 2 results in the first container ( accordion ), these 2 results are from the same tittle… so its not really 2 results. I just want it to behave as below:

If any results are found within a container ( accordion ), then show 1 result count.

Is this possible.

In that case you need to customize the plugin code. let me know, if you need customization work.


Hey, I’m wondering can i use this plugin or for making Dictionary? and add words straight to sql. I’m speaking from thousands of words (accordions). Could it be lagy and will not be that responsive? And also can you make something like this I mean online Dictionary

Hello Nettower,

I’m afraid you may not use accordion plugin as online dictionary.

Thanks for your interest.


MJP Purchased

For long titles i inserted a div

<h2 class="acc_title_bar"> <a href="#"><div class="my">long text, long text,long text, long text, long text, long long textlong long textlong long textlong long textlong long textlong </div></a></h2>

and gave the div .my class a: line-height:12px;

If the author has a better solution, i’d like to know it. Love the searchable accordion aspect of this. It’s what sold me.


Hello MJP,

Can you please send me your site URL to check that issue? So that I can help you fast.



MJP Purchased

This is just your index file with testing long titles. The 1st title doesn’t show the whole title. it gets cut off. The 2nd title shows the whole title with my div added with a line- height property. Thanks.


This support the multi level?


Currently, it does not support multi level.

Thanks :)