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Is this wp compatible? If yes, how to install it on wp?

No it is not..

Will this work with MariaDB? Everywhere I goes says it’s the same as MSQL but I already bought SOMEONE ELSE’s script and they refuse to provide any support or give a refund. Thanks :)

It’s a pity, but I didn’t get the script working right

shenziger PURCHASED 2 months ago Branko83, I bought this code 21 October, and there errors. I sent mail to you for help 7 days ago.

Branko83 AUTHOR about 2 months ago Please, send me mail to Sorry for late response. I am finishing another script, so I am very busy about it.

Sorry…. I am solving this these days.

How do update script to latest 2.9 version ? How to download the latest script version ?

hello someone here ?

hey planning on buying the scripts wondering if you can do some customizing not familiar with php script

Can’t see Live prewio

Hi I installed your script on my domain. Now I can’t log into system.

Write to my mail. I will setup everything for you.

I have not got any response from you. I contacted you several times.

I want to buy but any frontend or admin panel demo?

Hello, I an fixing issues with Buzzybuzz, so currently there is no demo preview.

No demo = No purchase. Maybe you should put a demo as soon as possible to avoid losing sales.

Yes, I will. But I must to fix it significantly. Buzzybuzz is similar as Vadoo.

1. Is this like an auto blog – you enter RSS feeds and it publishes new articles?

2. Does it have its own RSS feed for each category created?

3. Does it displays full-text articles from feeds?

Hello, This is a great script ... simple to configure and install… it does have a few issues but I think they are being corrected.. I was not able to use upload video feature however you can get around it ...the rss feeds feature is great and you can add your own if you choose….. so it is somewhat like an autoblog…the rss feeds update automatically Thank you…... Branko83….

Alan, I will check this… Please write to my mail


How can set auto update Feeds, - Need any setting in admin or - changes in code - Any requirement from server - need setting cron job

Please explain about auto rss setting so automatic RSS will be coming in website. so don’t have to manually update.

Hello….to Immigrate Well look at my site.. click on a post that will take you to the page and when you enable the rss feeds they show in right sidebar look at autoblog or Wired feed they have the correct date March 10….. you do not have to do anything else .. just enable the rss feeds you want to show in sidebar through control panel Alan C.

Sorry for not answering you so long… Write to my mail

Hi, everything installed fine, but I can’t login the admin area. The SQL data is there with my login, the form just won’t take it.

I will help you… Send me your credentials to my mail

The login works but I can’t get anything on the front page,

I bought this script, but it was removed and I deleted it. How to proceed?

I will send you latest version. Give me your mail

Whenever I try to make changes, Buzzy says: You cannot change anything in demo. Where do I set up my license to unlock the script?

Choose live version in admin panel/website options

Will it work with PHP 7?

Ne moramo engleski bar prema lokacijama… :) Iskreno, Buzzybuzz mi je trenutno na holdu i treba da ga unapredim. Možda je najbolje da sačekate još neko vreme dok unesem neke modifikacije i izmene u Buzzybuzz. Testiraću ga tad i na PHP 7


Hi, when will be updated new version or demo version? would like to get how it’s work :) thank you

Hi, when will be updated new version or demo version? would like to get how it’s work :) thank you. [2]

I have a lot of other tasks now. I am not fully abandoned Buzzybuzz, and it will be updated with many new features ASAP.

Best regards,


OK, obrigado pela resposta. Já faz tempo que comprei o Buzzybuzz, mas até agora não consegui usá-lo devido aos bugs. Espero que obtenha sucessos na atualização, pois gostei muito dele. (Google Translate: “Okay, thanks for the reply. I have bought Buzzybuzz for some time, but so far I have not been able to use it due to bugs. I hope you get success in the update, because I really liked it.”).

Heloo, there is space to add Google Adsense code or banner? or how to moneytize ?

Hello, how to try demo version. Iam interest with yousr script. But want to see the dem version

Hello Branko, i need support with Smarty.

First, when clicking on Navigation links in the admin menu, i get this error:

Notice: Undefined index: website_frontend_navigation_link2_url in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 2

Notice: Undefined index: website_frontend_navigation_link3_url in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 5

Notice: Undefined index: website_frontend_navigation_link4_url in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 8

Notice: Undefined index: website_frontend_navigation_link5_url in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 11

Notice: Undefined index: website_frontend_navigation_link6_url in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 14

Secondly, when called, the script always gives at first a 501 internal error. After a refresh, the index.php runs and the script appears. Same thing for the admin section. But there is one place which remains unreachable no matter how often i reload the page. It’s the mailing-list.php.

I of course tried to find out where the problem is, but i couldn’t find anything suspicious. The only thing i tried was NOT to include the XSS-security.php file in the front index and mailing php files. Worked directly once, maybe twice, then the waiting began again.

What do you think could cause this ?

Thanks for helping

Well, what is it ?