Buzzybuzz - social network maker

Buzzybuzz - social network maker

Very important!

When you extract buzzybuzz script in the root folder you will find httaccess file. You need to rename it to .httaccess as image shows

Best feature:8 grid list animation (Check it here)

Short description

Update 2.9 (06.10.2016)

  • Added installation script
  • Added facebook streaming
  • Added dribbble streaming

Update 2.8 (18.04.2016)

  • Admin can add thumbnails for news (Every image on index page could be reduced for 10 times in pixels), so it will speed up website significantly.
  • Cleaned codes, minified javascripts in order to speed up script performance.

Update 2.7 (01.04.2016)

  • Dashboard with statistics
  • 200 RSS feeds for post and adding to side page
  • Post vimeo and youtube videos (playlists)
  • Changed navigation panel
  • Admin can change backgrounds
  • Auto creating SEO friendly urls
  • Side page with dynamic and viral RSS news

Update 2.6 (23.12.2015)

  • Unlimited colors
  • Unlimited fonts (Regular and google fonts)
  • Fixed facebook login bug

Update 2.5 (22.09.2015)

  • Auto rss feed import
  • 30 RSS feeds to choose (Admin and user)
  • Upload thumbnails together with images
  • Thumbnails are now shows in grid list (speed up website for 20 times)
  • Admin can limit number of list items that show up at website (25, 50, 75, 100)

Update 2.4 (23.08.2015)

  • Admin can add google analytics code through admin panel

Update 2.3 (18.08.2015)

  • News are sorted by time of upload
  • Automatically generates link to news from country of website visitor based on his ip address

Update 2.2 (17.08.2015)

  • Admin has possibility to add country to every news that is added
  • If country doesn’t exist in actual database it will be automatically added with news
  • Users and visitors can choose news from particular country

Update 2.1 (14.08.2015)

  • Privacy settings: User can enable and disable viewability of Fullname, email and contacts (friends) to other users

Update 2.0 (11.08.2015)

  • Admin can add rss feed sources and create rss list database
  • User and admin can choose rss feed from rss list
  • Auto creation of meta and title tags from rss news

Update 1.9 (27.07.2015)

  • Auto rss feeds importer
  • Unlimited RSS Sources
  • Can Import News from any feed type ( RSS or Atom)
  • Can Import News Manually and Automatically
  • Script make all news urls SEO friendly (if you type my best%news it will automatically become my-best-news)

Update 1.8 (8.6.2015)

  • Facebook login (Try how it works at, first register and then login with facebook)

Update 1.7 (1.6.2015)

  • Choose between 10 website backgrounds
  • Ads area at news page (Put your ads code in admin)

Update 1.6 (29.05.2015)

  • SEO friendly urls (Choose this option in admin)
  • Admin can choose timezone of a website

Update 1.5 (24.05.2015)

  • Added footer
  • RSS feeds
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of use

Update 1.4 (19.05.2015)

  • Added sorting by featured news

Update 1.3 (18.05.2015)

  • Admin can choose news and make it as a featured news
  • All images are clickable now

Update 1.2 (15.05.2015)

  • Added elegant alerts (success, error and info) after registering, login and image uploading
  • Improve image upload code (Users and admin now can choose only images and not other files, also proper redirecting and alerts are included)
  • Screeenshot 1
  • Screeenshot 2
  • Screeenshot 3

Update 1.1(12.05.2015)

  • Reedit button
  • User can add image immediately after adding news, don’t have to wait for aproval
  • Fixed some small bugs

Our customers

Codecanyon integrated scripts

Ajax chat system – 12$
Pure uploader – 9$

Basic description:

Buzzybuzz is social network script that is based on some of the most popular social networks today. It has some features of Pinterest, litle bit of Facebook, chat is similar to Badoo chat and in combination with beautiful grid animation and connectivity with other social networks makes oportunity to create viral social network.

It provides a beautiful Admin panel for easy creating and managing website. Admin has a plenty of oportunities. He can choose between 8 grid animations, 20 colors of a website, 300 font combinations, number of grid columns.

Also interaction between users and admin is at highest level. Admin can send beautiful HTML mails to users directly from admin panel beacause Buzzybuzz provides CKE editor + PHP mailer for sending mails.

Latest Bootstrap 3 tehnology is used for style and JS grid animation for grid news animation.

Admin creates news, categories, writes SEO parameters (URLS, title tags, and so on…) manage users, aprove their news.

Instalation of script is easy, you just have to follow documentation, and I will provide support for any issues and inconvinience.