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Hi, Vendor directory is included? or should I run composer before upload? or how do I install on shared hosting If I don’t have composer???

Hi, No need to use composer file for installation. We have installation wizard so you can easily install. http://buzzy.akbilisim.com/admin/docs#installation Follow here for install progress.

If you need composer file, We can provide via support email. Thanks

Email sent, please respond asap. Cant connect to get buzzy code on installation.

Bazı kullanıcı profillerine girilmiyor. Whoops, looks like something went wrong. Yazısı çıkıyor. Bu neden kaynaklı.

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Hi, is it possible to have a page where there will be listings of registered members in frontend.

does support instant articles? I notices that the quiz does not work well on IA

Hi, this script will be working with Cyrillic domen, like мойсайт.рф? I want to buy Buzzy today.

Hi, yes. It will work. Thanks

hocam Yorumlar icin emojileri begeniyorum ana sayfaya emojiler cikmiyor?neden cikmiyor bu konuda yardimci olabilirmisiniz …biliyorum kac defa yazdim cevap yazmadiniz bari hic olmazsa bu konuda yardimci olun


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Sitenin hızını nasıl arttırabiliriz hocam çok düşük çıkıyor sonuçlar


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Hi, it seems the theme and plugins url /allthemes /allplugins are not working anymore. Can you please fix them?

Hi, Please let us check your issue via support tab. Thanks

When the new update will release?

What features you have in the new update?

Can you add a google drive as a new files stoarge as extra to amazon?

We are waiting for the new update to start my project.


Hello, Can files use other storage servers? Does this script still get updates?

did you get my email? need your response please, thx


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O Kadar Emeğim Boşa Gitti Birsürü Açık Var Tasarımda Site Suspend Yedi.

Why has it been so long since we had an update for this script?

No theme updates, no extra features or enhancements and no device improvements to make it look better on different devices.

Did you always plan to develop this and leave it? So far there has been no real update since the middle of last year.

Hi, it seems the theme and plugins url /allthemes /allplugins are not working anymore. Can you please fix them?