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Hi there,

I need Help. THe plugin in blocking me as a Admin. I already unistall but he continue bloking some pages of my site.


I forgot to insert the licence Key. :) Is Working, Thanks!

Great plugin ever! ))) But, seems like a “Show coming soon on specific pages” exception doesn’t work properly. thus, I put 2 urls as an exception, landing page & contact one; seems like both should be shown, others – not. Anyway, when website loads, the “Coming soon…” page loads instead of the landing. May you please check?

Great, will wait shortly, as this become an important feature at the moment. Also, I didn’t catch on, of how to include descriptions like “month/days/etc…” in the bottom of countdown?

P.S. I found that the following classes like <span class="dash_title"><!--? _e("Weeks", self::LANG); ?--></span>, etc., are showing the title for countdown. In my case title is not showing,- I see, the class is linked w/ LANG or so? I’m using WPML – maybe this is an issue of why the title doesn’t show?

Can you show me your url as an exception? Maybe you’re wrong about it, Our dev tested and it works fine. For faster support & answer, please post your question here


I have presale questions:

1) How does IP filtering work – do I enter IP address of my client’s computer into the admin and then website with this plugin will recognize my client’s IP address and show the website? Anyone else whose IP address I did not enter into plugin admin will not see the website, but just Coming Soon page. Is this correct?

2) Does anyone who is logged into admin, always see website without Coming Soon page. I think this is the case and this is what I want, but I better make sure.

Thank you.


Thank you for concerning our plugin. This is my answer

1. Yes, this is correct.

2. Yes, you can set for other roles to see website too


Can I add extra required fields to the contact form?

Thanks Priscila

The previous poster didnt even receive a reply in (x) days. I would also like to know if that would possible for you to integrate into the plugin.

Please post your question on our support forum cause we need your site’s information.

I have a problem in the Header tittle whit the bullet.

Please go to our support forum
Our developers will help you


Why is my logo so small?


About the logo, we check and see that your logo still displays under the same size (283×121), Currently, the DOTS and line underneath the text are images, thus just send us your color code and we will change the color for you.

Where can I find those images? So I can change it myself.

Just go to folder Images and customise the color of 2 image files: bg-diamond.png & bg-title.png
In case you need further support, please submit to our support forum

Would buy, but your demo doesn’t work!

thank you, I’ll check and fix it

is it a 302 redirect? Thanks!

Please clarify your question, please. We are not very clear about it

When it makes all the pages on the domain shoot to one page. is it using a SEO friendly 302 redirect. Clear as i can make it. Thanks

Not sure about this, we will take a look at it and feedback you asap

The CSS in admin is a bit buggy i cant seem to navigate it very well. it might be due to another plugin of mine. but is this a known issue by chance? Thanks

Please take some screenshots of bug css and send us via our support forum we will support you

Preorder Questions:

Hello, actually im looking for a plugin which is matching with my claims.

I need a „coming soon“ plugin with this features:

1. a coming soon mode – i can switch on/off, so users cant go on my „real“ site. They can only see my homesite (the coming soon site)

2. i can exclude any single page from the coming-soon-mode, so i can say: users can see the homesite AND site-X (for example)

3. i have my own newsleter-sign-up form with a connection to my newsletter server. I like to implement this on the homesite (coming soon site). So, can i implement custom html with your plugin? I like to have the form directly on the homesite, not in a pop up or sth. like that.

Im happy to hear from you.



1 & 2 features is already in the plugin. For your own newsletter sign up form, you have to edit plugin to make it works.

Could you help me in implementing the sign up form?

please is this plugin working with latest version of wordpress?

Thank for your interest our product. Yes, this plugin is working fine with lastest version of WP.

How can I change the countdown color from white to black?

Please submit your question to our support forum Our developer will help you

I have added clients IP address and coming soon page is still showing – please help.

I have deactivated and deleted plugin and coming soon page is still live – I need this fixed asap – any suggestions?

We see your post on our support forum already. Please follow up

It would be a good idea to fix the English grammar, e.g.: “We will notice you when our site is available”

Hi Jamesmcd,
Thank you very much for your feedback. Would you mind telling us all the English grammar mistakes via our support forum That would be much appreciated!

Every time I try to upload i try to upload this theme to word press I get an error message saying the stylesheet is missing. Can you help

Thank you.

How do I purchase another license key. I Purchase the plugin once and I can no longer use my purchase key again.

You can purchase the plugin again to get new purchase code :)

My site has HTTPS and my Slider Images are not working how do I fix this?

Countdown and Logo option does not work on new WP 4.6

Please submit your issue on our support forum Our developer will support you there

I do not need support – I simply need the product to work on the new WP release – please issue refund if this product does not work 100% as promoted. Let me know when a new release has been issued. Thank you

My License Key is not working, please help.

Hi, Can you please send us your license key to email: