Discussion on BuySell Frontend with Vue.js and PHP Backend (Olx, Mercari, Carousell, Classified ) Full App (1.4)

Discussion on BuySell Frontend with Vue.js and PHP Backend (Olx, Mercari, Carousell, Classified ) Full App (1.4)

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Tagorea Purchased

web front end shows this error 

ERROR in Conflict: Multiple assets emit different content to the same filename index.html

when I’m trying to run using npm run serve 

please respond as soon as possible it’s an urgent


Tagorea Purchased

5234 please check this ticket


Tagorea Purchased

check my ticket

Replied accordingly!

may i know when you are going to update this CMS?

please improve this, not working in large screen

Blog system is 20 years old, try to add more modern functions in blog section.

thank you

Sorry, we don’t have the plan to upgrade the backend but we will do the bugfixed only.

Searching products does not work. I just searched for a product that is already there and it has returned empty. Please solve it. I am testing to purchase both apps and frontend.

When we try to search it is working fine. Please take a look our video recording at below :

App Search :

Frontend Search :


App has no issue with search though. Was talking about web app. I just tested again. Some products are not displaying after search.

Actually we tested on frontend website also. Please take a look at here :

If you see the bug then please provide the video recording so we will fix it accordingly. Cheers!

When is the next update coming? Also, why is it that the front end doesn’t have metadata? Like meta title and meta description on the item page.

This is causing discrepancies in the google search snippets. I search my website and got this:

We are still reviewing for that issue. It is not ok to change new tech combination immediately based on your team resources and existing products. Sorry for this inconvenience.

That is true. Thank you for your response

Thanks for your understanding. Much appreciated bro!

hi i try to follow doc install frond end, but still not work, can u help me please?

my ticket #5135

Our tech support is replied to you. So please take a look at ticket. If you still got the questions then you can reply at that ticket. Cheers!

Does the app and website has same database?

Yes, it can use the same database and backend. Cheers!

Just bought it and can’t extract contents. Please support know. #5128

Okay our tech support will reply you accordingly. Cheers!

Your app looks very nice. My favorite feature was to create categories and subcategories as you wish. but when I tested the script, I saw that it is not possible to do this. my question is this. What does the “Menu Name Setting” or “Sub Menu Name Setting” feature do? What was this done for?

I would like to explain a bit more details. Actually, “Menu Name Setting” or “Sub Menu Name Setting” using for the language purpose only. But if you want to add new menu then it requires the real coding files such as model, view and controller. You need to create manually for all those new module files then it is able to link from Menu Name Setting. I hope that you would understand. Cheers!

I understand all this my friend. but there is a logic error. If you put it for language editing, why is there a function to add new module in submenu or menu name settings. we can already change the menu names from the language function. I really do not understand. I wanted to get this app for add new module function. because it’s so perfect. but i was disappointed

It is like new feature request so I will repot to my team.

hey I tried to open a ticket on your website but its not possible. I have installed the backend perfectly on the server but I unable to run front end. Please help me in the process of deploying the app on digitalocean server. Thank you

Okay our tech support will reply you accordingly. Cheers!

why no one reply to my ticket? Its been more than 24H

We replied so if you still have the issues then you can reply directly at ticket. Cheers!

Can I redesign the homepage and single page like ? Please check and let me know.

If you know Vue.Js and TailWind CSS then you can do the modification whatever you because we deliver the source code. Cheers!

Our tech support will reply you accordingly on Monday.

how build live production , i see some user have many error like page white blank etc?

Please open a support ticket at here : then our tech support will reply to you accordingly. After opening the ticket then please share your ticket id, I will follow up with our tech support.


Can the mobile app and website be link together? I think in demo, they are not.

Mobile App(iOS & Android) and frontend website can work with the single backend. Don’t worry about it.


Does mobile app support admob? And does website supposed adsense?

Yes it is supported.

What payment gateway does this script support?

Does single ad page has related products?

What payment gateway does this script support?
>>> Please take a look at here

Does single ad page has related products?
>>> Sorry, I don’t get it what do you mean?


I am does similar ads showing under a single ad page? Eg, I click on a PC, Acer, will similar ads showing under the ad I click?

Sorry, it is not available at this moment.

I have some questions I need to ask privately about some of your products

Please drop the email to Cheers!

hi, how to update 1.3 to 1.4?

We provide the change log at here : So you need to update for all those effected files. Cheers!

iam trying to creat new support , but iam unable to creat ticket, kindly tell us your support mail id , or mail me

When you create the ticket, you need to login with Envato login. So please try again. We didn’t do the support from out of our ticket system. Cheers!

Hi, I am just now purchased .. its compatibility with app 3.3 or I have to update the app also .. thank you

Frontend version 1.4 will working with App version 3.4 So, if you want to update for the Frontend then you need to update for App also.



eikosan Purchased


We replied it accordingly.


jawonsi Purchased

Hello. We noticed the location system only has two levels .i.e. City and Township. It should have three levels .i.e. Country, City, Township. When do you plan on adding this?

Yes currently it is 2 levels for the location. Currently we don’t have the plan for your request but I will inform to my development team. Sorry for this inconvenience. Cheers!


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