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Hi tapgadget, How migration to higher meteor

Hi, thanks for your purchase. To update the app to latest version just enter the following commands by order:
meteor npm install --save babel-runtime
meteor update

hey if i buy this can you build it for me and upload for me at the playstore

Hi, Thanks for your interest. We do deployment and generate the apk file of the app for you, but we charge extra for this. Cost will depend on the hosting server you want to use.

Please send us a message on our contact form if you are interested: https://codecanyon.net/user/tapgadget

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I got confused how the app works, I have domian but I am confused that shall I run tabtop on my domain host doesnt need? also what is instruction for iOS, is there a GUI backend for admin?

HI, thanks for your purchase. Already replied to your email.

Hello There,

Could you do do me a favor and give Step by step guide to make This App Price field optional or remove it temporary?

Thank you

Hi, will send you an email regarding this in a while.

Thannk you so much Sir

can you help me with installing the app please?

Hi, already replied to your email. Thanks.


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I get this error…when I push to heroku

-> Node.js app detected FATAL: ROOT_URL is not defined. ! Push rejected, failed to compile Node.js app. ! Push failed


alnoah Purchased

NeverMind this is Fixed but i have other issue i address through support

Thanks for your purchase. Will respond to your email.

Hi Tapgadget, I really can’t understand why is it giving me “Application Error” I have sent you the email but not answer yet.

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Already replied to your email.

hi, sir. I’m doing a project for my final year degree very similar to this app. However, I’m using android studio to create the app. Can you help me with this? I really need your help.

yes, sir. noted on that. but what is the difference between purchasing regular license and the extended license? I can’t seem to understand the difference between the 2.

Hi, the terms of licenses are set be Envato. You can read this link about the difference: https://codecanyon.net/licenses/faq#main-differences-licenses-a

thank you, sir. really appreciate that.


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Hello, I have some days waiting for you to answer my emails. I need customizations but you do not reply back.

Hello my friend, i want to buy this app, but i want to know this app have a backend ? How can i track users, visits, statics, analytics ???

Hi, thanks for your interest. This app is using Meteor and MongoDB as backend, but Admin panel is not included by default. You will have to modify the app, and add Google Analytics for the features you want.

pandazulweb +1 backend etc?

Thanks for your purchase. Backend is on Meteor / MongoDB. If you just need a UI panel to manage your MongoDB data, you can host this using the Heroku deployment guide. It has account panel that lets you view / manage your database.

Can i monetize app? app name is tagshop can i rename it and make own name? is there are any limitations for uploading images and user registration?

Hi, thanks for your interest. The only monetizing feature included is AdMob.

Yes, you can change anything on the app by modifying the files. Just take note this made from Meteor platform so it works differently if you are used to working on websites on PHP.

Limitations on Users and Images will only depend on the storage space of your MongoDB hosting. Otherwise, the app itself does not have any limits configured.


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the best support i get ever , mark was able to help me in all the steps , this guy is really amazing , codecanyan should gives him a golden seller trophy , i wish if he can make more apps ,

Thanks for feedback! We appreciate it. :)