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aicome Purchased

Hello! Do you intend to integrate a payment api to collect omissions for sale? I bought your product but found it incomplete without it.


Hi, thanks for your purchase. This app is more like a classified ads app which only connects Buyers and Sellers. So there isn’t any online payment features available.

But you can modify the app to integrate with Stripe API, since this can let you manage multi-seller payments. You can use Stripe JS for this.


jpqokubo Purchased

Any suggestions of what package to use to integrate social share? whatsapp and facebook

Hi, on the Android app you can use cordova-social-sharing plugin.

Then on the Web, you can use PHP sharer link of Facebook, and the Whatsapp link like this

Sorry, forgot to mention that this is the correct way of adding Cordova plugins in Meteor: https://guide.meteor.com/mobile.html#installing-plugins

So in your case, enter this command on /tapshop folder:
meteor add cordova:cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing@5.1.3

nabelou Purchased

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nabelou Purchased

How to make an user flag a product so that the developer can be notified? And how can I delete a product that has been flagged.

Apple will not put the app in the app store if I do not incorporate those request.

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

I’m not sure about Apple’s requirement that you mentioned. But this can be as simple as placing a “Flag” button on this HTML file:

Then create a mailto link, similar to how “Contact Support” works on the Side Menu. This will open the User’s default email app to let him send an email to you.

To remove a Listing, just access your MongoDB database. Go to “listings” collection, then set “active: false” on that listing.

After, this go to “products” collection then on the Category of that listing, reduce the “listingsCount” by 1.


nabelou Purchased

How do I access the database? Thanks

It depends on which hosting server you deployed. But on Heroku, just go to Heroku panel then click on mLab.

Hi, I would suggest you to explain us if there’s any kind of admin panel and how to check it ,also payment gateways setup are a must if you’re planning to open a profit marketplace and my last question can it be compiled also in ionic iOS right ?

Hi, thanks for your interest.

Only the features that are listed on the details of TapShop is included in this app. So admin panel, and online payment features are not included.

This works more like a classified ads application, that connects buyers and sellers via chat. And not an ecommerce app. So the app will have to be customized to integrate with online payment.

The same files can be used to compile to iOS but more configuration is needed for this and we cannot help you yet on how to configure this with iOS. So its only on Android for now.

If you are Ionic developer, please take note this is using Meteor CLI and folder structure, and not Ionic CLI. However, the components like Controllers and Routes are all the same Ionic.

It is not about the errors. You have to much working parts on this project. A small tutorial will ease the burden.

How can I make it that users can select multiple categories and both used and new. It will work on what I am trying to do.

Hi, you can use Ionic checkbox instead to enable multiple selection. The you can save “productId” and “condition” as an Array instead of a single String on the database.

Hello do you offer customization for this app? If you do please send me a contact details via my mail uchechukwu33@yahoo.com so we can talk more better.. I will need alot of customization to suit my business requirements here in my country

Hi, already sent you an email. Thanks.


nabelou Purchased

Hi, how to show a button for the seller only in the product_page.html?

Hi, just add this to button element on HTML:
ng-if="vm.isSeller === true" 

Hello do you offer customization for this app?.. Any plans for desktop version?

Hi, any chance to translate it to portuguese? We can deal it for a discount ;-)