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Just came back to buy an additional license. I have to say, I’ve bought just about every button pack on CodeCanyon – I like studying and learning from other people’s approaches to CSS .

I have to say this button CSS collection is the bomb. Now that I’m porting over my websites to responsive layouts, this button collection had proven a real time saver. With a little CSS knowledge, you can tweak these buttons for just about any layout you can imagine.

Three bucks is a steal.

Thanks again.

Mark in New Orleans

You are welcome, Mark ;)

Again how do I install this css to WP theme?

Hi amirshingray , these are just standalone CSS buttons, so there is no easy way to install them on wordpress.
You’ll need to upload the css file to your server (anywhere you want) and then, link it inside the <head> section of the page as explained in the documentation (you’ll need to edit the header.php file of your wordpress theme).

If you are in trouble, I would suggest you to hire a freelancer.

Great buttons, super easy to use and very well coded. They are a must have purchase. 5 Stars

Thank you, knight42!

You are welcome ;)

Fantastic package! Question: when setting a fixed width, is there a way to keep the buttons responsive?

Hi markander33,
using a fixed width is kind of the opposite of responsive … but you could definitely fix it with media queries, by setting the width to auto at a certain break point.

Thanks for purchasing,

figured it out – tks for the reply


Are you able to use any font you want on the buttons or does it have to be a set one.

Hi D-Mac,
there are no such restrictions.

The buttons use Helvetica/arial by default, but you can easily change that by editing the css.

Hey I haven’t seen how this works yet. I cannot use custom 3rd party plug ins with my WP theme. Can I still use this? Does it spit out straight css code or does it use short codes?

Would love to use these for Wordpress site. Is it possible? And, if so, can you point me to something to read to implement them?

Can I use hex tags to color the buttons? Thanks

does it support Asian languages? Chinese for example.

I was a little upset that pay pal charged me $5 but it really is quite good so not complaining too much Is there any way to disable a button please? I have user status (admin, manager or user) available through session statements but need a disable class in the css Thanks

how to use, can i do download as an image button?

Looks great and bought it. I tried to install bydownloading like any other word press plugin and it won’t install. It says no valid plugins were found


mastars Purchased

Hi, I just moved my website to a new host and I lost these CSS buttons. Could you please direct me on how to add the CSS and link to it from the header again? Thank you.


Hi mastars, you can check out the documentation included with the package you downloaded (open the “index.html” file inside the “documentation” folder).

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