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good. very nice concept. :)

Thank you!

Nice idea – doesn’t exactly work right in IE9 as when I clicked cancel half way through, it thought it had completed the download.

Thanks for your comment, I’ll check again.

If demo was working. :) Nice idea but demo comes up with error 404

I managed to get it work by some url modification. You might want to fix the url. Nice staff. can this work download from remote server as well?

I’ve seen the 404, I will review this with the technical support of the site. This code is very simple and local files. In the next version will do adaptation for remote files. Thanks for your comment.

Thanks. I will buy it when it supports remote file download as well.

Demo doesn’t seem to work correctly. I can click on the Download Button and the download percentage counts all the way till it shows done and I’ve not even clicked on the save option.


@krypto4 : Thats how it works. Just because you didn’t click save download, browser has started download it into your computers memory. Its in in your computers memory and if you click save it will write out from memory, and you don’t have to wait for downloading. Try it with a 3-4MB size file. Download it and wait a minute at save prompt then you’ll see it will be written out straight away.

is it possible to integrate this some other thing like displaying progression bar , or other customized button ?