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I have purchased the business hours plugin and there is nowhere to change the opening times


Thanks for purchasing our pluigin. Please refer the video tutorial https://vimeo.com/136721171 for how to use this plugin. Let us know if you have further queries.

Best, SketchThemes

good day! can you explain your shortcode structure? Can i call certain parameters using shortcode? thanks

Hello There,

Thanks for showing interest in our plugin.

You can write this shortcode in following manner.

<?php echo do_shortcode('write your shortcode here'); ?>

Best, SketchThermes

That doesnt work i get an error using your free version of invalid Parse error: Invalid numeric literal in etc.. How to fix this?

Hello There,

Please try the resolution we have given in below comment.

Best, SketchThemes

Good day im trying to call this via php in a loop for my theme and the hours default from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM mon – sunday this is the code im using..

echo do_shortcode( ‘[bizohours-widget title=”Business Opening Hours” displaytype=”0” monday=”{ontime“}” tuesday=”{ontime“}” wednesday=”{ontime“}” thursday=”{ontime“}” friday=”{ontime“}” saturday=”{ontime“}” sunday=”{ontime“}” bizohbgcolor=”#000000” bizohfontcolor=”#ffffff”] ’ );

Your default shortcode gives syntax error

Please help.. using your non pro version i can define variable just fine by using this

tuesday=”{“ontime” ’.$MOH.’,”offtime” ’.$TCH.’}” wednesday=”{“ontime” ’.$MOH.’,”offtime” ’.$TCH.’}” thursday=”{“ontime” ’.$MOH.’,”offtime” ’.$TCH.’}” friday=”{“ontime” ’.$MOH.’,”offtime” ’.$TCH.’}” saturday=”{“ontime” ’.$MOH.’,”offtime” ’.$TCH.’}” sunday=”{“ontime” ’.$MOH.’,”offtime” ’.$TCH.’}”

Im trying to do the same thing with the pro but the times dont change even thouhg i echo the variable and it displays the propoper data..

Hello There,

Hope your are having good time!

Okay, we got your issue,

We have checked the shortcode and noticed that your are missing the colon symbol ( : ) after ontime, also the time must be within quotes ( ” ” ).

FYI we are using json shortcode in this plugin so you must have to write shortcode in following manners.

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[bizohours-widget title="Business Opening Hours" displaytype="0" monday=\'{"ontime":"' . $time . '","offtime":"' . $time . '"}\' tuesday=\'{"ontime":"' . $time . '","offtime":"' . $time . '"}\' wednesday=\'{"ontime":"' . $time . '","offtime":"' . $time . '"}\' thursday=\'{"ontime":"' . $time . '","offtime":"' . $time . '"},{"ontime":"' . $time . '","offtime":"' . $time . '"}\' friday=\'{"ontime":"' . $time . '","offtime":"' . $time . '"},{"ontime":"' . $time . '","offtime":"' . $time . '"}\' saturday=\'{"ontime":"' . $time . '","offtime":"' . $time . '"}\' sunday=\'{"ontime":"Close","offtime":"Close"}\' bizohbgcolor=\'#81d742\' bizohfontcolor=\'#000000\']' ); ?>

Hope this will resolve your issue, let us know if you are having further issues.

Best, SketchThemes

Thanks, I will try this and if i encounter any issues i will be back in touch. Disregard the emails i sent you, what method of contact to do you prefer? I would assume email but i may be wrong. Thanks

WORKS! as you provided the shortcode how ever, when activating the plugin.. im getting some styling conflict.. can you please reply back to my email so you can check ill try to correct it, but it glitches the bottom widget area as well as the main bg color


Good day! I noticed there is a bug, It seems that your Countdown wont work if the open time is more then 24hrs for example if the current day is sunday and your closed monday all day.. then it shows on the countdown NAN..

Can you please review this and provide a patched update? thanks

Further looking into the issue, i notices that it happends only when monday is “Closed” can you look into it please

Hello, updating to the latest paid version. Not possible anymore to upload images and problems with style. Return back to older version 2.5 (i think).

Do you know what is happening?

Kind regards, K. Bleijenberg


We are not getting your issue. Are you sure it is about Business Opening Hours Pro Plugin?

Best, SketchThemes

Good day team! We been woking together to get some issues caused by my end fixed and much is appreciated! you guys have really demonstrated customer support as it should be.

Further reviewing your plugin i cant help but bother you once more.

When adding a listing on my website i noticed that Opening time was 20:00 and close time was 03:00. My issue is that this is technically another day closing time. Your plugin seems to be linked by day on a per day basis, meaning that it will break once your closing time is past that days itself.

After thinking for a good minute i realize there may be a fix, If we unchain the per day countdown and only have the countdown recognize time and not day and have the chart only show hours not hightlight current day

this might work out.. I understand that it will require to restructure your plugin, but i cant bare to think that this plugin is no good for late night places or for people that own a bar for that matter. You have really made an incredible plugin and i would love to see it fit for all kinds of businesses..


Hello I am using your plugin on my site but after change the hours in backed it all time show me closed on site every time http://dethvidepakhus.dk why it so ??

Please let me know

Hello, Is there a way to show “Call for Appt” instead of Closed?

Hello There,

Hope you are having great time!

We have provide an option for “Closed” text in plugin option. You can set that from Business Hours >> Global settings >> Closed text.

Do not hesitate to ask further queries. :)

Best, SketchThemes

Can this be used on 1 website for a company with 2 locations (each location has independent hours and each would have it’s own page on the site)?

Hello There,

Hope you are having good time,

Yes, you can use shortcode for showing opening hours for multi-locations with different timings.

Best, SketchThemes



I have a couple of questions about this plugin.

Is it possible to show hours like this page:


From that page, it looks like there are different places + hours. If you go to “next week” or “previous week” it shows the hours for the next week, etc etc.

Is it possible with this plugin?

Thank you and looking forward to your reply.

Hello There, Thanks for showing interest in our plugin.

Nope, It shows opening hours for a week only.

Best Regards, SketchThemes

Hi, is it possible to add one different in each posts ?

Hello There,

Thanks for showing interest in our plugin.

Yes, you can use different shortcode for each post.

Best, SketchThemes!

Can you have unlimited stores with each time on their page and use it on a directory type website??

Hello There,

Yes, you can use its shortcode for show opening hours on each page.

thanks for your quick answer….yes..but I mean different opening hours for different Business on different pages???

Yes, you can set different opening hours for each shortcode.

Hi, i cant find a way to translate the days into Norwegian. Do you know the name of what php file i need to change this in? I also tried the receipe on your page with POEDIT but i cant find the days in there at all.

Appreciate your help -

Reg Leif

Hello There,

Our plugin is fully translatable, i have checked and notice that all days are already showing into Poedit. Please use the latest version of the plugin.

If your issue is not resolved on the latest version, then please send your query with site URL and admin details at query@sketchthemes.com

Best, SketchThemes


I have a problem with the plugin. When I enter the hours and active the pop up, the pop up will appear. But it’s appear while the shop is open en not closed. The pop never goes away. What is the problem?


Hello There, Pleasant Greetings!

Please send your query with site URL and admin details at query@sketchthemes.com because the popup does not depend on opening hours settings.

Hi, I’m not available to change the font color in plugin options. please help: http://buecheli.wems.ch

Hello There, Warm Greetings! Please write us on query@sketchtemes.com our executive will configure it for you.

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Does this plug in have issues if the site uses caching? Some other plugins do not work or update time if caching is used.

Hello ecdesigns2007,

FYI if the site using the caching then no plugin will work properly. We have to clear the cache for update the time.

Best, Sketchthemes

Hello, is your plugin compatible with WPML? I would like to use it on a multilanguage website. Thanks!

Hello StuWeTueHo,

Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, plugin is compatible with WPML, you can go ahead with it.

Best, SketchThemes

crashed my newly created site that had X theme installed,,,,,,, no plugins,,, just x theme.

Hello There, Pleasant Greetings!

Please send your site URL and admin details at query@sketchthemes.com will check the issue if it occurs from plugin we will resolve it asap.

Best, SketchThemes

hi, I removed your plugin and created my own…..

so admin details wont help you on my site because I have finished working on this site for the moment…. I was hoping to use your plugin to save me some time creating a simple opening hours….....