Business Manager - Business Growth Solutions

Business Manager - Business Growth Solutions

Business Manager is business development software for freelancers and companies. Grow leads, build customer loyalty, manage your business and stay in control of your data at the same time.

There are no limitations and you don’t have worry about changing prices or terminating services. No monthly payments, only a low, one-time fee for lifetime updates. Install the script on your own web hosting.

Try the online demo to fully test all features.

Business Manager uses sensible default settings to make your life easier. Roles are set up with best practice permissions, most used statuses are predefined, the right people receive relevant notifications, and much more. Get up to speed in no time.

Some of the features:

  • One-off, flat fee with lifetime updates
  • Full source code included
  • White label
  • Multi language
  • Manage all your contacts
  • Grow your leads
  • Project management with Kanban board
  • Billable and non-billable tasks
  • Relevant email notifications
  • Roles like managers, employees, contractors and leads for various purposes
  • Propositions and invoices
  • Create invoices from scratch, or based on project tasks or propositions
  • Predefined and useful defaults
  • Extremely flexible, useful for all kinds of businesses
  • Separately sold add-ons for marketing and lead capturing

The script is built with the popular Laravel PHP framework, version 5.7. For the layout Bootstrap 4 is used, and Node Package Manager and Webpack for managing and compiling stylesheets and JavaScript libraries.

All source files are included, please read the FAQ carefully before purchase. If you have any questions, let us know!