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whats the eta on the update?

I want each day to display regardless of time. At the moment it displays Mon-Sat 9am – 530 pm.

How do I change so everday is displayed in my widget?

I will consider in the next update. for a separate display of the time if the time is same for the each day.

Also, the display is displaying across my entire page. Is there some scrip I can add to limit the width to half or a third of the page?

You can use div with an width attribute and assign the widget in it.

Do you think you can list the version number somewhere. I have been looking and can’t find it anywhere.

Which number version? I didn’t get your point.

On Thursday for example my hours are 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., but I am having issues with displaying my hours accordingly. How can I fix this issue?

I will take a look at it and let you know.

Can you make it work that every day shows and you can select startday of the week. (We use mondag, not sunday).


The new Jetpack update breaks your awesome plugin. Given the popularity of Jetpack this is probably something which requires urgent attention.

Thanks, whitcombej

Is there a way to change the order of the days? So sunday can go on the bottom?

Sorry for the delay in the updates of this plugin I will be updating this soon in the coming week with the features you mentioned


very nice plugin and very convenient. Is there a way to integrate the schedule in template parts, say “header.php” template?


You can’t do in php template parts

It really needs to display each day individually even if they have the same times.

im guessing this plugin is dead and wont be updated to display everyday of the week regardless of times?

I just checked and stumbled it was already updated but not sure whats wrong may be i have upload wrong files. If you want i can email you the updated version. Email me from my profile page contact form so that i can send you the files rightaway instead of waiting again and again.

Just downloaded this plugin today and installed it.. It is still not fixed.. It is still combining all open times into one line rather than keeping it separate even if the times are all the same.

Sorry guys i have updated the files but it got messed in uploading I will update the files tomorrow. If anyone is in rush drop me an email so that i can send you the files straightaway

any update on multiple instances? I have a directory site of business listings and want each business to have it’s on hours widget. Thanks

Oh Multiple instance. Great idea, I will implement it soon.

any update on this? I would really love this feature!

Sorry its not yet added.

Does this support exceptions like bank holidays?

Nope sorry its not a calendar or so. You need to manually setup that.

Still combining same days, whats the ETA on new update?

I checked the uploaded files were not updated properly on the envato. I have re-uploaded and i think it will be updated soon today by envato.

Hi There,

Is it available to show more than 1 different opening hours so that each branch office can display differently?

Nope sorry currently its not there but i will see if i can append to this script.

Like your plugin. However, I cannot get the business hour setup (the dropdown option) to show. Can you please help? Thank you.

email me from my profile page contact form with URL and WP Logins to take a closer look at it.

I can’t see the settings page it only has a sentence of type and nothing to change the times. I can set the days under labels and see the text fields there but nothing under the settings tab

Can you email me the WP Logins with URL so that i can test it.

Awesome plugin! I cannot get it to be on the same line as the other widgets in the footer. Can you take a look please? Thanks!

You need to add a class matching to ur theme in the business hours widget. I checked the theme you are using has some extra class called as ‘pp4 footcol’ something.

Not that I expected a lot from a $4 plugin but it need to be said this plugin is poorly written and not at all up to date. It didn’t work upon install for several reasons:

- global $wpdb; isn’t initialised before it’s being used at the top of businesshours.php. - it uses deprecated functions and globals such as $table_prefix and mysql_query. (these should be replaced by $wpdb->base_prefix and $wpdb->query)

The plugin only started working after resolving these problems myself. Please get this sorted so future buyers don’t feel cheated.