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Does it store the info in a custom post type within WordPress?

It stores in separate table, If plugin deleted then the table will also be deleted. If the sequence days are matching opening and closing time then it displays as Monday – Friday : (Selected Time).

Ok thanks. It’s a pity that you don’t create this as a custom post type because then it’s data is exposed to many WP plugins that can interact with custom post types.

I won’t buy plugins that store data outside of WordPress.

Hi, Is there an option to change the wording CLOSED to UNAVAILABLE ?

This option will be invaluable to people like me providing personal services and I would like to let people know when I am available for booking.

Regards, William

Its not there but i will add it soon in first update itself.

I get an error everytime I try to install

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Edit: NM I am an idiot

You can get this error if you upload the file downloaded as is from codecanyon. so, extract the package downloaded and read the document before uploading.

@oakland – It’s not outside wordpress. It’s in a different table (within the same WP database), not a different database. When you backup up the database (properly), it still gets included. Not a big deal to me but each to their own. LOL .

@system32 – Adding timezones (North America, at least) or the ability to add our own would be nice. Even just a configurable widget footer would be good.

Right now, I’ve hacked in…”All times “US Central Standard Time” unless otherwise noted.” shown in bold. A very important thing since people all too often aren’t always cognizant of time zones.

If you were to add GMT conversion so that could be displayed simultaneously, that’d be really cool for international purposes.

@electronicpakrat – Thanks for the notes, I will try to add Time Zones functionality in the updates.

Love the plugin but is there a way to display each day with the same open and close time on displayed link on your demo site. I don’t know that they plugin is grouping the days if the start and end times are the same.

Thanks Chris

Yes it groups the days if the start and end times are same. You can display individual time only if the times are different.

@system32 Can I edit the source files to display each day with the same hours as ”@crewpass” requested? My business is a bar, so close times appear earlier than open times (ie open at 2pm close at 2 am the next morning). This makes the grouped days display incorrectly.

Is it possible to show information like in the example below:

Let’s assume it monday 3pm and someone is looking at the website. The store is open on monday from 09.00 until 18.00.

Then the plugin shows a list of dates with opening times, but is it also possible to show just “open” at that time / day?

Currently now but i will consider that upgrading in future if possible.

Too bad.. That’s really something I need..

Closed days will show closed but you cant hide that day but still as you said monday from 9 to 18 hrs you can show that.

Is there a way to display every day of the week. Right now it is displaying mon-sat as one line because all the business hours are the same but I would like it to display every day of the week with its times.

Yes its possible. I will make that option in the coming update. If every day time is same it groups the days.

Hello Why did I choose such a day Sunday Monday Tuesday the same opening and closing hours is shown on one line You can order it separately?

I need to show each day seperately also if the opening times are the same! please help oder update your file! you didn’t say that the days are grouping if the opening times are the same.

opening and closing should match then only it groups. It never groups only based on opening time, but anyway i will take a closer look into it and let you know.

I know. but my business is a coiffeur-salon and it opens and closes every day at the same time, but I want to show each day seperately. so I need to show each day on its own.

Ok i will add a feature and update the script tomorrow. where you can check the checkbox to group the days or not.

great! : ) is there a non wordpress version?

Nope. But I will be releasing soon just need to write final comments and documentation for it. But sorry no ETA for the script

Great little widget. It would also be great if you could add an option for Holiday hours as a separate field. Great for restaurants etc that are open every day, but different hours on holidays. Thanks .

I will see what i can do for this and let you know.

Like the way the day group together, when the opening times are the same! Altogether Thanks for the plugin! But in the next version, can you make it possible to let the week start with Monday? :)

I will consider it in the next update.

How I nan use two different widgets at the same time? fr example I have time for service and for sales, but with this plugin I can get only Service to work…. please help me, I already purchase this plugin, but with out this future it won’t work for me:(

Hmm this feature is not possible with the current plugin But its a good idea to have multiple widgets for the hours i will take a closer look at it and consider in the coming updates.

Hi, the plugin looks great … but can it display multiple open hour on same days …

i think about restaurant which is open from 12.00 t 14.30 and 18.30 to 22.30


Nope Its not there for displaying multiple hours for the same day

Any news on the update?

Really need some features you mentioned before 1) Not grouping days with the same hours 2) Editing the word “Closed” as seen on frontend 3) Editing the style of Title

Perhaps you can point out these three little things through mail/pm? With directions I should be able to alter them in the .php file. Tried on my own, without luck

Hey system32, it seems a lot of people have asked the same as what I am about to. Is there anyway you can update the plugin so it shows days with the same hours separately? Or is there anyway i can do this myself?

Its done i will update it in a day.

Any news yet for the stand alone version?non WP..

Yes coming in Next month

@system32 can you please advise on this page when you upload the new version that doesn’t group days with the same hours.

Sorry it wasn’t uploaded but will be doing that soon in a day. It was delayed due to some other conflicts.