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Hi AivahThemes,

is this plug-in compatible with 3.9.1 and WPML?

Thank You in advance!

Yes its compatible with 3.9.1. Not sure about WPML as we have not yet tested. But we gave an option in the plugin where you can change the labels of sunday monday closed etc etc to your desired language.

Hello AivahThemes,

thank you for the reply and information – much appreciated!

Hi…I am getting the following error:

Notice: Undefined index: updated in /home/naplesi/public_html/silky/wp-content/plugins/businesshours/businesshours.php on line 111

Any help would be appreciated!

If you can use support forum that would be better as we have a dedicated support forum.

Plugin does not work correctly with WP 4.0.

Thanks for the headsup. We will take a closer look at it and will fix it soon.

You have given ratings 1 star surtsey and If you notice is software version i never mentioned compatible with wordpress 4.0 then why did you purchased? You should keep patience for atleast 24 hours before I reply without any patience you gave 1 star saying author did not reply and if you check my msg i instantly replied you that thanks for the headsup i will take a closer look and make a fix for it soon.

I can not get this working with the latest WP 4.0

As said earlier to another buyer that this plugin is under process with the WP4.0 compatibility and will be available for download next week. We are even updating this and releasing an advanced version (Pro) of this plugin where you can have mulitple periods in the times and multiple shortcodes for the times.

I’m giving you one more time 1 star, because plugin still not working correctly!

Week Days Labels not working. I change to my language and nothing… I still have:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


That’s strange. Can you give me your WP Logins and URL so that i can test it. We have tested again on our server and its working fine.

Does this current version allow for multiple, different instances? Thanks in advance.

Yes it will be.

Hi, just checking back on status of multipile instances. Thanks.

Plugin will be uploaded today and will be released as soon as it is reviewed by the staff and then you can purchase it.


We need to create all open sundays for the entire year at the beginning of the year for approx 27 branches. Is that possible? So we have a listing with a location and can add the sunday openings. Clients should only see the upcoming week (including open or closed sunday).


Sorry this feature isn’t there at moment but we are trying to add something like this as it will be easy for others to set all the business hours at once for a whole month or for the year but not in this plugin as we planned this for our Business Hours Pro Plugin

Ok, will wait for that. Any ETA on this?

Sorry no ETA on this but we have already starting implementing something new exceptions option where people can add exceptions for the holidays as you said. But again it will be done in Business Hours Pro Plugin

Hi…I would like to use this on a page….is there a shortcode I can use?

Thanks, Terry

Yes you can use shortcode inside the pages. Use this

[businesshours title="Business Hours" width="300" style="#FFFFFF"]

More Details:

How do I align it to center?

You can use firfox addon firebug to inspect the element you want to center align and add your own css.

Hello, this plugin looks nice. A couple of presales questions:
1. Does it work with Visual Composer 4.6.2?
2. Is it compatible with WordPress 4.2.4?
Thank you.

Thanks for your reply. Do you mean that it works with WordPress 4.2.4? The pro looks great. I was not able to see the pro demo last night and I see that it’s working now. Look forward to the VC version.

Will it still work as a shortcode in a text block via Visual Composer? If so, I will purchase today.

We will consider the VC module as well soon for this plugin

The shortcode works in a VC text block. I’ve purchased the Pro as per your mention. I am having trouble with it working correctly when adding the times. Please take a look in the comments in the pro page. Thank you for checking.

The word “closed” does not render in the widget for some reason? Not sure what the problem is? Please advise, thanks.

Please post your question at our support forum

Hi I am setting up french/english website I cannot find where I can display days in two languages. I tried Loco translator but the labels are not there to change them. I need help

I think you need to us WPML for translate and its not tested with multiple language formats.

Is there any documentation how to add hours as a section in page without using gadgets? I tried as it is written in documentation but it isn’t available. It’s weekend so we are off and will be available on Monday.

Ok, thanks. One more question, is there front end option that we change hours from site?

Sorry from frontend editing is not possible.

Sunday is stuck on closed and no matter how many times i uncheck it, it keeps showing closed on Sunday

We have a dedicated support forum to give support for our customers. Kindly please register at our support forum and post your questions, all your questions will be answered there on the support forum.

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