Business Hours Lite

Business Hours Lite

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ATP Business Hours is a light weight wordpres plugin which allows you to display office hours or business hours timings for the working days of the seven successive days (week). You can display on any location using widget or having a shortcode. More details see below.


  • Easy Installation in 2 Steps
  • 12 Hours Time Format
  • 24 Hours Time Format
  • Change Labels of Weekdays Easily
  • Display Closed Day
  • Opening Time and Closing Time
  • Widget & Shortcode
  • Shortcode with 3 Parameters.
    • title = Displays the title before the shortcode
    • width = Holds the shortcode in the specified width
    • style = Append extra custom css properties here as shown in below shortcode or leave empty.
  • Simple and Light Weight Plugin


v3.1.0 – 3rd March 2017
Fixed: localization issue with other languages

v3.0.0 – 23rd March 2016

Code Indented correctly
New User Interface
Rename of business_hours_widget.php
New File for the Visual Composer Addon
New File for manual update option
rename of business_hours_shortcode with new parameters
rename of business_hourssetting
New CSS File for the updated business hours lite
Custom Modal Box for the plugin manual update option
Timepicker addon for the jQuery datepicker UI
Added : javascript fpr plugin manual update option
Added : Admin UI Images
Added : Fontello Icons added for the Admin Interface
Added : jQuery UI Core File
Added : New Admin User Interface CSS
Added : UI Images for the datepicker
Modified Version Number …
Updated : plugin prefix with initials
Updated : Code Indentation
Added : Labels localization option
Added : Modal Box for plugin manual update option
Updated : Plugin renamed from Business Hours to Business Hours Lite
Added : Visual Composer Addon
Added : Week Starts on selection option
Added : Grouping Hours option
Added : Hide Closed Day option
Added : Weekdays Shortname option
Added : Manual update plugin option for future releases
v2.0 – 08th October 2014
Compatibility with Wordpress 4.0+
Fixed - Activation Bug
Fixed - Undefined global variable
v1.1 – 05th May 2014
Split the days if the times are all the same. Or group the days if the time is same.