Discussion on Business Hours for WPBakery – Worker

Discussion on Business Hours for WPBakery – Worker

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1.1.0 – 28 September 2021
I believe it’s not compatible with most of the themes you stated in the description? As Silient alone underwent hundreds of updates since 2021 – scared to buy your plugin

Hello! The plugin is compatible with the latest WPBakery builder and WordPress. So, it should not cause problems with themes that are also compatible. Also, I just checked the Worker on the Salient theme and it still works correctly despite the fact that they use a separate copy of the WPBakery.

Can this be used on a post by post basis? If yes, will it work on each post card in a category? I would like to use it for a directory, and each card of each business shown on a category page would show if they’re open or not.

Hello! The question is not quite clear, please specify. The widget can be added separately for each page/post with a specified work schedule for each business.

Hello, is it possible for the plugin to echo some HTML saying We’re Open or We’re Closed in some areas? I want to use this to add a small section for that in the header, and then use it for full hours displayed in body / footer.

Hello! These fields of the Worker footer can only accept regular text input without HTML.

Thank you, and I hope you are well … what I meant is that I want to know if I can put in anywhere I want, and if it displays “We’re Open” or “We’re Closed” in text? If I can put it anywhere, then I would do that … and if there isn’t a setting to only show the “We’re Open” or “We’re Closed” messages without any other hours, etc, then I would just hide whatever I don’t need when I place it where ever I want.

The phrases “We’re Open” or “We’re Closed” can not be deleted and can be displayed in predefined places.

It would be nice if the time format could also be set to 24h.

Hello! The date/time format depends on the settings specified in the WordPress in Settings>General>Time Format You can choose one of the provided or specify the custom one.

Hello, for some reason on Sunday it shows “Closed All Day” even after the hours have been set. The short code shows as though it would display the opening ours but no such luck. Any ideas how we can resolve this?

Hello! Please make sure you set the correct Timezone in your WordPress settings. If the problem persists, please provide your site access details and the purchase code via to consider it.

Hello, i love the plugin and was working perfectly. Unfortunately now is causing 504 gateway timeout for some reason! It happened suddenly and no idea why.

Hello! We can’t reproduce the problem on our side. Can you provide your logs file or some additional information indicating that the problem is caused by our plugin?

Hello! I think I have just found out the problem. Basically, I am using Uncode theme ( ) which uses a custom version of WP Bakery page builder. That custom version doesn’t support WPBakery – Worker, unfortunately. So is not actually a compatibility problem caused by your plugin but by their custom version of WP Bakery Builder. I reported this compatibility problem also to the developers of the theme and they said they will look into it. I am really sorry If I reported the problem here then, hope the two will be compatible soon as they would make a great combination! In the meantime, I am sorry I can’t use your awesome plugin on my site until they fix this.

Thank you for letting us know the cause of the problem. I hope this will be resolved soon and you will be able to use our plugin.

new update for flatpickr = h.t.t.p.s://

Hello! Thanks, we will update the plugin as soon as possible.

please ad /worker-wpbakery/js/l10n folder and put in to all language .js files like pl.js and pl.min.js

Ok, we have added this to our tasks for the next update.

Hello, current version don’t work with WPBakery plugin v6.4.2 – can’t save settings. Any chance to find issue and update plugin?

Hello! We have checked the plugin with the latest WPBakery version and can’t reproduce any issues. Please contact us via and provide your site access details to consider the problem.

Hi, its avalable in this pluginu use not AM PM format but 0-24 hours format?

Hello! Yes, the date display format depends on the settings specified in the WordPress in Settings>General>Time Format. You can specify a custom time format

Congratulations!!! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)


Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)